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This game is absolutely adorable. The asthetics of the game, the story and the puzzles are fantastic. Not as hard as some other puzzle games but the last puzzle... or should I say riddles was the hardest out of them all. It took me at least 20 minutes to figure that out which calculated to most of my time on this game.

The wooden beam (as said by other commenters) did seem out of place as there was no introduction to enviromental mechanics anywhere else but this one section however, it was easy to figure out for the most part. 

Honestly, I did think that the ending was.... Well wasn't was I expected. I wouldn't say it was underwhelming, just that we were looking for the fox all thoughout the gameplay but in the end it felt like it didn't matter. 

The only mechanical problem was the menu system which used the same mechanic as the riddle scrolling in game. I felt like this was really out of place and even fiddly to move the cursor so I suggest using either W and S to move though the menu or use an actual cursor. It worked in game but it did feel a bit weird however, towards the end, I understood why that kind of mechanic was there.

Other than that, the game is fantastic and there is hardly anything to fault on the actual gameplay. More of the mechanical side to the game. I go in more depth in my video so I hope you enjoy.