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This game was honestly awesome. I loved nearly everything about this... NEARLY. The last part of the game felt really out of place where you had to escape the spider. It was tedious for the most part... and i'm not saying that because I hate spiders. It just didn't feel like it belonged in the game. You have a game that revolves around solving puzzles and having these weird mechanics where you had to kinda figure out how to proceed but then you have a massive maze with a spider. No puzzle solving, just a tedious maze you have to get though to get to the end of the game. Everything else was perfect. The sound design, the puzzles and the way everything was portrayed was awesome. I do think that the notes made the puzzles way to easy to complete and I think that it would be better to remove them completely and allow the player to figure out how to move on. And trust me, they would. I go into more detail in my video so I hope you enjoy. I HATE SPIDERS!!! - Penumbra

Really glad you liked the areas that took the most time to make. The spider and the notes were the last things added when it felt like the game might be a bit too hard for some people and also when the play-through time was less than five minutes. Your feedback just gave me the fantastic idea of allowing the player to choose the hardness (scarcity of notes) for the full game. As for the spider and the mask part, you're right, they're both not very fun and kind of ruin the atmosphere built up by the rest of the game. They just don't match very well. I'm taking everyone's feedback towards these areas and I'll be sure to give them a lot more attention and testing to make sure they meet the standards and feel of the rest of the game. Invaluable feedback, great video, and thanks for playing. I'd be really interested in getting your feedback during future development. :)


Of course. Happy to help and I'm glad that my feedback made an impact. The mask part wasn't too bad for me personally because it kinda added a spooky element to the game and made the player run the other way to proceed. It still kinda felt part of the game just instead of the notes, it forced you to go the other way. The spider just didn't feel like that at all. There does need to be some kind of enemy in the game, like a shadow creature in the part like the forest, the apartments where you just kept running around till you came to a dead end and had to go backward to proceed or add like eyes in the shadows to give it a more eeri feeling. If the enemy stayed constant thoughout then I don't think it would be a problem in the full game. I hope development goes well for you and wish you all the best for the future.