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Same! Always thought why not take my favorite part/mechanic and start there. Glad you liked it! :)

Aw thanks so much, all the kind words mean a lot. Watching videos like yours makes all the effort worth it 100 times over! :)

Thanks for playing! :)

Thanks for the kind words, I'll definitely continue development on it! Glad you had fun solving the puzzles and beating the game. Hopefully I'll be able to elaborate more on all the concepts and ideas for the game that I wasn't able to fully realize for the game jam. Really glad it piqued your interest though, glad to hear :)

Two of the best feelings while playing games in my opinion! Glad you had fun exploring the little world I made. :)

Thanks for playing! All the Ghibli films are such good resources to draw inspiration from. Glad you noticed!

Haha glad you had fun playing! Will definitely look into entering it, and I'm glad you messaged well in advance of the deadline. I'd love to clean it up and extend it, taking into consideration the feedback people have left. Thanks for stopping by! :)

Thanks for leaving feedback! When you open the game, try choosing the lowest resolution available in the dropdown settings. I made quite a few performance-related mistakes (i.e. too many lights, expensive shaders, and large triangle count) that will all be done correctly in the next project. If you want to add me on Twitter or Discord I could send a custom build with performance fixes to test out. As far as checkpoints and saving, that will be implemented in the next one as well. This was meant to be played through in one sitting (10 minutes). I'll add a menu though, some people have had issues with hitting escape and it closing when they were close to the end. 

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing and you're one closer to 10k subs! :)

Loved the video! A lot of people have said they thought the staircase puzzle note looks like a certain symbol as well haha. In response to your ending comments: Of course!! Thank you for playing it. :)

Thanks for playing! I'll work more on making those kinds of areas better for the actual game. Thanks for the nice feedback :)

Wow, thank you! Fake it til you make it, am I right? Haha I have a LOT to learn. Making the game run well was by far the hardest thing to do for this project. 

Had no idea they even existed until someone pointed out the name and similar beginning. The only Amnesia I ever played was the one made by The Chinese Room called Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. The idea of having the pillar underground was inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey. The name came from a famicon design by Dylan Wells that I loved. 

Haha you're too kind. Really glad you enjoyed it! I think the tools available to game developers are more abundant and better than they were and that might be why we're seeing such great games popping up. Thanks for playing, and thanks for the feedback. :)

Thanks! Glad you had fun. Hopefully there will be more to play in the future! Thanks for playing :)

Glad you guys enjoyed the game! Thanks for playing :)

Thanks for the feedback. You're right, that part of the game is somewhat tedious and doesn't match the look or feel of the rest of the game. I'll be implementing those types of areas/challenges better in the future. Thanks for playing :)

Absolutely! Share away. That thumbnail made me laugh, that's a pretty bold statement hahah. Really enjoyed the video, especially how you judge it like any other game. Thanks for playing :)

Thanks for the constructive criticism, actually very helpful! Totally agree, wish I could dedicate a lot more time towards this project seeing as how you liked it up until the parts that were rushed. Great video and spot on pronunciation of my name!! You nailed it :)

It was really cool watching you guys all come up with solutions and ideas and I LOVED that you used the wall following method for the maze. Thanks for playing! :)

Fantastic! Thank you! Haha, you know I'll be the first to watch it. Hope you enjoy! :)

Enjoyed the video, but you should really get more sleep!! Thanks for playing and glad you liked it. -Adam Something

I get the same issue.

Appreciate it, thank you!

Glad you had fun! Thanks for playing :)

Thank you!

Just posted a build. Let me know if it all works nicely, because I have no way of testing!

Oh hey! Thank you so much!! And thanks for stopping by again :)

Dang, I hate hearing that. I'll add a pause menu instead of it quitting in the next update. Thanks for playing and commenting!

Really glad you liked the areas that took the most time to make. The spider and the notes were the last things added when it felt like the game might be a bit too hard for some people and also when the play-through time was less than five minutes. Your feedback just gave me the fantastic idea of allowing the player to choose the hardness (scarcity of notes) for the full game. As for the spider and the mask part, you're right, they're both not very fun and kind of ruin the atmosphere built up by the rest of the game. They just don't match very well. I'm taking everyone's feedback towards these areas and I'll be sure to give them a lot more attention and testing to make sure they meet the standards and feel of the rest of the game. Invaluable feedback, great video, and thanks for playing. I'd be really interested in getting your feedback during future development. :)

Dang, that's super crusty, sorry about that! And for sure, add me on Discord or Twitter. More than happy to talk game design and test out your project(s). :)

Thanks for playing and writing out such a great comment! Glad you had fun playing the first part of the game. What I should have done was make the beginning and end protected, because you're right, it can be really frustrating to have to start over. Thanks for the feedback, I'll be sure to make the puzzles in the final game a lot better. :)

Tried a couple different ways to get the Xbox controller to work, must be a me problem... Love the PS1 aesthetic though, very cool and nostalgic looking.

The ending is really weird!! I don't know, just the way the spaceship zooms in took me by surprise after playing a completely 2D game. I played through twice just because I liked that one second sequence so much haha!! Game was pretty cool, nice mechanic but easy to cheat like pixelvengeance said.

Dang thanks!!! Glad you liked the changing world mechanic! With the spider, I need to really improve those kinds of interactive elements and make them more enjoyable and less frustrating. Looking forward to being able to play your game! Thanks for playing mine. :)

That'd be cool!! I tried it with an Xbox controller, but I'm assuming it's only for PlayStation controllers? It also seemed weird to have some keyboard functionality in the menu but not for the game, like I thought maybe I didn't have something configured properly.

Man I wish I could play it! Do you have any plans on supporting keyboard in the future? The menu works with WASD and E but I can't press square when the game actually starts.

I'm getting a "Failed to load mono" popup error. This may be due to having an exclamation point in the name (in the back-end) or a bad installation of Unity. I tried renaming the files to "MatchTheColor.exe" and "MatchTheColor_Data" but had no success. 

Thanks so much! Haha I found your video before you even posted it here! Yeah, the spider bit doesn't match the rest of the game in difficulty, but glad you made it through. Thanks for the support! :)