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Last year was really fun and I'm looking forward to playing everyone's submissions!

Some screenshots from my game so far:

What a simple and Good game. Thanks for making it!

Bit of a problem playing! Screen isn't re-sizable.

I totally agree, the controls aren't good or fun. I'm remaking this and changing it so the user doesn't have to aim precisely where they want to go, because depth is a little hard to determine as well. I really enjoyed participating in the jam! Thanks for hosting and encouraging us all to finish something. It's really motivating to have finished something, even if it's mildly unplayable.

Fantastic! I was only a little urgent because I know some people might not want to download such a huge file. Edited my original comment! I look forward to more work from you.

Thanks man! Others were having the same issue. In the resolution dialog on Windows, leave the settings at 1920x1080 with windowed checked, or if you're using the browser version zoom in and out to make it fit. Sorry you're having trouble, I tried to make the game hard set at 1920x1080 but Unity wants to make it responsive(I'm still learning here!).

Thanks so much! I agree, the controls are insanely hard to manage. I'm reprogramming the game so it's a lot more linear and simple to control. When I export for mobile it's going to be a simple swipe in the direction you want to go—sort of like Temple Run. I do believe I'm the only person to be able to beat the race. It was originally played out in the open area with rings and the idea was just to start the player off slowly inside, and then have the actual race outside (so you wouldn't be bumping into things). But I felt the rings were too easy and a little boring. I had more rings and asteroids planned, but the deadline snuck up on me! In the end, I copy and pasted the level and made a finish line.

Personally I like having real life friends over and having them test it. It's always a good time! Always know you can do better and improve. The more games you make, the better you may become, the more fun people will have playing it! Just keep a positive attitude and keep trying. 

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Nice art/graphics! You should continue updating and adding more to the game, I would love to see more and think it has some real promise! 

I loved it! I've seen this top down racing game at an arcade by my house, however, they use a steering wheel which makes it impossible to play. I played with my Xbox controller and it was great! I got a hang of the controls pretty quickly and was making it around without hitting anything. I would love to see this idea expanded upon and updated!

A little opponent would be SO much fun to race against!!

Nice job! I beat it, but it took a little while. Puzzles were great! The mechanics were simple to understand yet the puzzles were somewhat challenging to solve. Overall fun puzzle game. I could see it doing well on mobile with a revamp in terms of graphics and sound.

"To be continued..." Short, sweet, fun, challenging. Very nice job! Boss seems to stay off screen for a while longer than I think it's meant to, and no power ups drop while in the boss fight(would have been nice XD). Congrats on submitting for the game jam!

That is... quite a weird game haha. So you feed the mulch machine mushrooms and feed the medicine machine mushrooms, I get that, but why does he get too light?? 10/10 on creepy scale. Reminds me of "petscop".

Ah you added more bosses! Very nice!

I wish I could! But no, I did not finish the whole game. I definitely raged trying to get the key to the left. I got the one to the right though. I feel like the dashing controls weren't always consistent. Like sometimes if I did it too quick it wouldn't register and I'd fall into the abyss. 

Thanks for such a nice comment! I really just wanted to just make it an incredibly fast feeling game so I'm glad it came across! (Albeit at the cost of clear direction and the ability to even win against the opponent... haha)

Absolutely loved it. This is my favorite submission in the game jam. It reminds me of a game called Echochrome for PlayStation. A couple things I'm going to be really critical of: the text should show onscreen so you can't miss it and so it doesn't need to be repeated over and over. "The shadows tell the truth" is so cool and it made me smile when I fell through the floor, but it being plastered on several walls lessened its first read. The ambiance was an excellent touch, the world felt really mysterious. I think I loved it so much because it was just so damn simple! Solving the puzzles required you to strategize and like watch the shadow of the friggin capsule collider against the shadow of the ground and line it up perpendicular to the walkway, hahaha! 10/10!

I can vouch for that! This is my first submission for any game jam—first game I've ever "put out there." The feedback has been incredible and the experience was well worth the hours to make the submission deadline. 

Also a Unity user, but the demo runs very smoothly and very nice with both keyboard and controller. Well done!

The boss battle was fantastic! I loved how he changes attacks after his health gets low. I've tried Hyper Light Drifter before and it gives that feel with the top-down and dash ability. Well done though, I can tell a lot of work went into this game. I'd recommend finding your own twist on the style though. There's a lot that can be expanded upon and even ways you could improve upon what's already been done. Best of luck to you! And congrats on finishing a year long project!!!

Glad you were able to get it working. I'll be incorporating your feedback as I develop more games!

Thanks for the input! When I port this to mobile, instead of controlling the precise movement it's going to be a swipe in the direction. And I appreciate the compliment!

Thank you for the kind words!! Glad you like it.

The web version was just a little laggy, but it was fine. I wanted the full experience haha. No controllers, nothing but a mouse and headphones. I can try with an xbox controller.

Thank you! I worked hard to make it look good. I also totally agree with you—I had the same concerns after making it.

Thanks for the input CJ. Made the changes right away for anyone else. My bad—I still have a lot to learn about compatibility across screen sizes. I enabled all the screen options, including windowed mode and resizability. Hopefully that will fix any issues (at least temporarily). Sorry about that man!

I like the 4th wall breakage and the little story and end monologue—it was kind of creepy. I guess I got the "good" ending after I found the door. I feel like there has to be a lot more if the game is 216mb!!  Congrats on finally finishing something!! :D 

Ah works now! Nice game. I like the little boss, he's a little easy though! Congrats on finishing something for the jam.

Great little platformer; I want more!! I love how many different power ups there were—from droid damage to regeneration increase. For some reason the level generation froze once but it only happened once. If you blow up the walls of the shop with the rocket launcher you fall and get stuck.  Congrats on finishing!

I'm having some trouble, it doesn't seem to do anything after the Unity splash screen.

So fun!! Loved the music, sfx, enemies, banana peel, and the guy in the corner. All together made a really fun game! Can't wait to see what you make next, keep up the fantastic work.

Thank you!

Hey everyone! Looking forward to playing everyone's games! —here's my progress. It looks more like a messy art project than a game at the moment ahaha