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Bloody hell geting through those levels was a mind bender
Very original, great level design,
would like to have a "total moves" not just the current rebirth count 

That was utterly thrilling and suspense as hell
it's amazing how quickly I started yelling "no no no" at the screen, and how many times I did

I think it would be better if the enemy starts a bit more boxed in so I have a chance to position myself in the beginning, that way I feel it's a bit more my bad choices that screwed me rather then the level I got generated at the start
Maybe add 2 seconds during which the enemy wakes up, so I can et just enough of the lay of the land before I start running in utter terror
Otherwise I overly rely on the RNG to survive the beginning

I don't know if I made it to the last level
I somehow managed to get outside the intended area by jumping on an enemy in the dark, and clicked the wrong button to reset the level and quit the game instead :'( 
(the level starts with a bunch of enemies on single step poles to the left, each pole has a light in the middle, failed it about 9 times before the accidental reset)

the game has really challenging platform segments in the dark and the music was great
would have liked a slightly more forgiving enemy hitbox when landing near their head rather then on it
loved the double use tourches puzzles to advance

The Idea was awesome, I loved playing with the reflection angles
I got stuck on "color creates ___N" level
The narration was Brilliant
Great job

you need to select if you see, hear, or move
by default you are seeing, in order to move you can either press 'm' or select the option in the top left screen

Great game
Very polished for a game jam

The Z/X wasn't clear at the beginning, because I didn't understand I can only use an ability once

I love how your mechanics give a great and novel platform experience

We did a similar "one ____ at a time only" but opted for senses rather then special abilities
Your idea is much easier to expand and I using the enemy art for ability clarification is a really intuitive way to convey the ability's ... ability

Keep expanding on it :)

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Here's ours
A robot with 1% power left
so he can see, hear or move, but only 1 of these at any given time
so do you want to know where the monsters are, or be able to avoid them?


this game is awesome, original and fun, you should keep developing this