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I don't know if I made it to the last level
I somehow managed to get outside the intended area by jumping on an enemy in the dark, and clicked the wrong button to reset the level and quit the game instead :'( 
(the level starts with a bunch of enemies on single step poles to the left, each pole has a light in the middle, failed it about 9 times before the accidental reset)

the game has really challenging platform segments in the dark and the music was great
would have liked a slightly more forgiving enemy hitbox when landing near their head rather then on it
loved the double use tourches puzzles to advance


Sorry about that, I should've had the game double check that you wanted to quit before shutting itself down. I do think you were on the last level, that one has a bug where sometimes too many enemies spawn in the same spot and I believe that the vertical speed you gain from landing on one is additive so landing on the broken spawned stacked enemies launches you way too high into the air. That level definitely needs checkpoints as well. Thanks for playing and apologies about that last level, it was a bit rushed.