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I am a relatively new game dev.  You can check out some of my works in my profile. I would like to get back to developing games.

So I was thinking I should start by joining a jam, this jam sounds pretty fun. however I am in need of an artist.

If anyone is interested in teaming up with me. send me a message or reply here.


Hi again. Discord will have a hash tag and  four numbers next to your username. That is needed for adding in discord. However, you can go ahead and add my username Dhandehela#9956

Yeah, I am looking for an artist. If you like to join, please send me your discord username? Thanks

A 2d game for now. If you are interested. Let me know. 

Currently I am using Godot. You can check out the prototypes in my profile. Thanks

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I would like to participate in this jam, however I am a programmer and my art skills are not good enough.

 If anyone whose wants to team up as an artist. Do let me know. 


Hello. I have been looking for an artist for sometime now. Your work is very impressive. If you would like to team up. Let me know. Thanks. 

Thanks a lot for playing the prototype.  Basically I just wanted to learn how to do the fundamental basics for a point and click game.

For most point and click games, they don't usually show what to do next. that's sometimes frustrating and sometimes that can make it a bit interesting too. depending on the kind of game, ofcourse. I wanted this to be a casual point and click prototype. I do have an idea in mind for a point and click one without the direct showcase of hints. that maybe the next prototype I will work on.

The character animations, I didn't do any skeletal rigging or  use any such program, I just drew them pose by pose next to each other in Corel Draw ( similar to adobe illustrator). and it didn't have an animated function built in either.  Not an effective way at all. I only saw the animations after I exported the spritesheet and viewed them on game engine.  I wanted to do character interact action as well, that is supposed to be played after each interaction. like picking up or doing something with hands. since animation became too much for me, I gave up on it. I wanted to add breathing to the monster too.I also thought of animating the plants and grass to give it a bit of life, then it became a bit too cumbersome and gave up.  I wish I had someone who could animate. things would have looked so much better then. Now  I  have been eyeing this program called spriter pro that lets you do these kinda animations with rigging. 

Regarding SFX,I thought about adding SFX, but then I was like since its a prototype, I can get away without adding it. got lazy a bit.hehe. I guess I can add it to make it more polish like the footsteps, wind and beach ambiance

I searched a bit for music. from opengameart.  I was looking for a chill island vibe. I couldn't find a good one. I will try next. I haven't checked it out yet.

I am using Godot Engine.. It's been quite good for me so far. 

Thanks a lot for playing and your productive feedback! Really appreciated

Thanks a lot for playing!

Thanks a lot for playing. I was initially planning to do more levels with  additional  ingredients such  as ice cream, lemon,etc, but  didn't have time in the jam. and hence had to quit. Now that the jam is over, maybe I will add more in the future. 

Thanks a lot for your kind words. Really appreciated.

Thanks a lot for playing. yeah. I played yours. it was a ton of fun. The music and sound effects I used is  free and available to use  from opengameart

This was a great Idea and good gameplay too.. I had  some trouble getting the coffees though. 

An interesting and fun game. I had a tough time identifying the police though.

This was a ton of fun. Enjoyed it a lot.

Added, updated and deployed with visual indicator now.  :D  Thanks

Thanks a lot for playing :D I still have some time left. I have added an audio feedback if you get the ingredients wrong and try to serve. I will try to add a visual indicator before the deadline.  Regarding adding up a difficulty level , I do not think I can do that within this timeframe.

  Once again thanks a lot for really productive feedback..

I have figured out what you mean. that was indeed a bug. The text part of reference was not clickable, only icon was clickable.

I have fixed the issue and updated the game now. Now it will work with both text and icon.

Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot for playing :D

I have just checked and it's working. Can you clarify? It does not work at all? which browser did you use?

Thanks a lot for playing the game.

The theme is called tiny world. In the game we are in a UFO that's quite large and our perspective from UFO makes the earth ...a tiny world.

I thought I would make a clever way to change levels, hence the introduction of celebratory beams. I initially had the idea in mind to make all the obstacles stop once the main objective is clear. then I was like maybe I can add  this as part of the objective. Like in after a mission, to be truly over, you sometimes needs to go to the helipad. So I left it as.

Regarding music, I learned music the day of submission. So I didn't know much about it. Now that it has been pointed out to me. I will fix it in the next game.

There has been already a ton of complaints regarding it being too difficult. when I created the level. I initially had in mind to spawn asteroids randomly as well.  Regarding  making the rotations skew, I simply didn't know how to do that and did't have time to experiment with it.Then I was like it might be a bit too difficult with random spawn points.  So I was like I will make it predictable. Hence the last level is all about prediction. however I still got a ton of complains about that being difficult. In the last level, you fetch one rectangle. then wait. then continue fetching. but if you try fetching all in one go. that will be very difficult.

Anyway, Thanks a lot for playing. I am really glad that you consider this as one of your favorites! :D

Yay! I won!.  A  pretty  neat game  with cool graphics. I liked it. Needs a bit of background music though

Oh this is quite interesting. I am not quite familiar with this genre of games. but I had a blast playing this alone, I think with 2 players. it's going to be a ton of fun. Will try it with more players later and get back to you.

It was fun, however I had to start the game again whenever I fall because I didn't respawn and kept falling .

Completed the game!. It was fun. Love the background. it has a good feel to it. I wish it had more levels.  Other than that. well done!

Looks  good.  I love the sound effects of the guy getting pissed.  Maybe next time put a tutorial, for folks  like me, who could't quite figure out what to do

It has a really good aesthetic to it, quite an interesting vibe, intriguing puzzles and a really fantastic creepy art style.

Interesting concept. I had a hard time figuring out what to do though. I am stupid that way. wish it had a tutorial or something.

Other than that it was pretty good

 I spent quite a lot of time playing this game. Very good game. Gave me stardew valley kinda feel. Would have loved diagonal walk.

Overall though, excellent!

I couldn't play it . Windows version isn't working.

Very enjoyable. Reminds me of the good ol' days of Contra and Jurassic park.  A lot of good memories and good vibes

However, when I fell into lava, I fell into lava, I am gone poof. Had to relaunch the application

Other than that minor hiccup, everything is pretty well done

I like the concept. good music and art. I didn't do well in the game. I just didn't know how to play. I wish it had a tutorial. or maybe I am just stupid 

Overall ,a very good game.  I really  like the  communication messages, gives depth... However gravity did drive me bonkers though, but I guess it's perfectly natural. comes with space. haha

A really  good starting point. I like the overall aesthetic.  I  haven't  tried a top-down game yet. now you have inspired me to try.

Great concept. The pixel art is cute and the music is lovely. It feels soothing to play it. The only problem  isI did not have an inkling of where to go. No hint of a direction. So I chose south and built and built. Nothing happened and endless sea followed.If it had some sort of a map or something. would have been really great.

Wpw that was a ton of fun. Quite clever level designing too. I like it. 

Wow! very cool. Love the art style. the overall concept.  I didn't know how to get past level 3 though.  Nothing I tried worked. Maybe I missed a trick. Do not know.

Whoa.This is awesome!! Super satisfying to play. Gameplay is good. Controls are  good. everything is pretty much top notch. Sound effects are the best. It gives you a feeling of an actual space ships or something. 

I wish it had the option to change background music or something. coz it was bit too hyper for me. but it's still really goood.

I managed to collect 8 droplets. Neat game! A chill calming leisure walk with beetroot.   And good job on those checkpoints as well.  You should definitely add some background music. then it would be super awesome!

Daaamn. That was beautiful. Definitely fiddled with my heartstrings a bit.. The story telling was perfect. Explosions were great.  When the big asteroid thing appeared it gave a sense of  foreboding . The gameplay was simple and fun.  Overall. a great game. 

Very cool. Awesome concept, gameplay, graphics and music.. I had some trouble though, It kept freezing on me. Had to reload the page to continue.  but unfortunately it kept happening and couldn't play any further on browser. Not sure if it's an issue with game or my  browser.