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unfortunately yeah 

thank you, and about the boss battles, there is currently actually one in the game, I'm not sure after how many points as that's not how the level is made but there is one, it might be too difficult to get there. After playing a game 100 times it starts getting too easy so most of the time they come out as too hard for no actual reason haha. I agree that the horsemen are quite hard too avoid, but that's kinda the point. maybe I should've placed them a bit more sparingly. With Tango we talked about the possibility of maybe expanding the game, and if we don't do that I'll be sure to fix some of the level design after the jam it's for is over.

do you see a blue screen that displays that message? I'm not sure what it means as I never encountered it and from googleing it, it seems to be an error found in javascript? 

I tried to play this game as it seemed interesting but when launching the exe I get a message that says:

 "There should be 'RDR_DEMO_0_92_Data'

folder next to the executable"

I really like the concept and with this art style there's not much to get wrong as it is pretty abstract and good colors make everything. I also liked that there were sound effects it seems that there aren't alot of games in this jam with them.

My Highscores was 41 seems like I was the worst :(

this game left me crying at the end, I always walked backwards until I couldn't anymore.

an experience worth remembering

welp, I can't rate because I didn't enter (even though I helped make a game for this jam)

BUT I can give feedback !

so I think you could have done a music for the intro text, and I think there were some anti-alias problems with the text.

I am kinda disapointed with the length, as you had 3 days, Maybe you only discovered this jam later so I don't know

the mechanics aren't really something complex, but I think it's a good thing ! it was simple and easy to play

I feel like it, would go the road of a bullet hell, but it would need faster music but you know

that's it in total, I would say 3.5 stars ? if I could rate, it would be 3.5


I wouldn't mind helping you with art, for examples of what kind of stuff I make (being very professional) I have my twitter where I post alot of pixel-art heh: @inkedsplat

I also have a pretty old portfolio
the way I make pixel-art has really changed since I last updated my portfolio so if you want to see my most recent stuff I think checking on my twitter would be a good idea

so yea I'd love to help :3

(1 edit)

16 color values, so 8 bit I think ? as every bit has 2 states ? I don't know but 16 color values

also dating sim, because I'll never make one of those except if it's for a jam

so I have some suggestions for some theme and art theme things as I personally liked having 3 themes so :

Theme : Racing, build & destroy, 2 buttons, no death, death as the goal instead of a penalty

Art stuff thing: 16 colors, 1 bit (aka black and white only), Geometrical shapes only

so that's all the ideas I have :3

thanks I think that answers all of my questions :3

I'll probably send any like banner things through twitter

this jam sounds pretty neat I'm sure to participate and about you needing an Icon or thumbnail, I could maybe do something

also when will these jams take place ? every week or something ?

great ^^

contact me on my email that is in in my portfolio, then we can see what would be the best way to comunicate and get started

Hello, I am a pixel artist and I would love to participate in this game jam with someone, so if any programmers are intrested just respond below :3

my portfolio :

Hello, I would love to have you as a composer, in our team for now there is another guy as the programmer and me as the graphical artist but we have no idea what we are doing it seems like a difficult jam. if you would like to join our cult team, just I don't know if a thing like PMs exist on, but you know just tell me somehow, I would be Glad to accept you.