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this jam sounds pretty neat I'm sure to participate and about you needing an Icon or thumbnail, I could maybe do something

also when will these jams take place ? every week or something ?

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Thank you for participating Inked!

Well this is my first time hosting a gamejam,
at first it was just supposed to be a personal challenge but I decided to turn it into a game jam
So I really don't know what will be intervals between the jams,
at first I thought of it as a 1 time thing, but if some people participate and have
fun I may make more, maybe twice a month or even weekly, I'll see eventually.

As for the icon, if you have some free time, feel free to make one!
(keep in mind that I have nothing to offer in return except giving you the credits for it)

Hope this answer all your questions :)

thanks I think that answers all of my questions :3

I'll probably send any like banner things through twitter