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Everything You need to know!

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I decided to change the theme thing a bit.
The NOT OBLIGATORY themes are:

Theme: Start Small

Visual Theme : 3 Colors

Mechanic Theme : Risk and Reward

You can use 1 of those, None all three...

It's as you wish.

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You know that, sooner or later, you're going to die. 2nd place on the #12hGameJam.
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You're a Demon who has to hurt Ghost and Gum
Simple 2d infinite platformer created for the '12 Hour Jam'
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Small ship customiser/vertical shooter
Your parents are dead, but you don't even know how to walk yet!
Beat an elite range of menacing bosses (12HJAM submission)
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The bigger, the butter
Control a platoon of space ship and fight for your life as long as you can.