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Suggest a theme! Sticky

A topic by RttStudio created Nov 28, 2016 Views: 199 Replies: 5
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Last jam I struggled a bit to find ideas for the theme of the jam.

and some people weren't really satisfied with the themes I ended up with.

This time around if you have any theme suggestions you can just post them here! :)

Hello, @RttStudio. I had an idea like this:

you have to be kidnapped/kidnap at least on person over the course of the game

Random idea, but I'll try to think of some others for you. :)

so I have some suggestions for some theme and art theme things as I personally liked having 3 themes so :

Theme : Racing, build & destroy, 2 buttons, no death, death as the goal instead of a penalty

Art stuff thing: 16 colors, 1 bit (aka black and white only), Geometrical shapes only

so that's all the ideas I have :3

also dating sim, because I'll never make one of those except if it's for a jam

Theme: Creepy atmosphere, The classic "Just Saying your going to die a lot" theme, parody games, and my personal favorite; do what ever you want but more points are rewarded to creativity theme.

Since the Jam started like 5 minutes ago and I am super eager to get started, what is the theme?