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infinite dreams

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I'm NOT looking for artists or musicians, sorry.
I AM looking for anyone 18+ who has knowledge or interest in generative text AI (eg. GPT), game design, Discord bots, and roleplaying games.

You don't need to be a guru at all of them, dw :) The 18+ is for personal comfort, and because payment may be involved, but this is a SFW project.

I'd like to create a rpg within discord and while I have plenty of experience with all of the above, it's more fun as a group project (also it's a lot of work for one person!!). I've done this kinda thing before and want to make sure we see it through to the end, so please only join if you're serious about seeing to completion.

A (very) brief outline - we'd be creating a Discord bot to parse user input and act as NPCs within a fantasy world. This means evaluating the available AI options, creating minimal NPC "personalities", giving them memories and setting them loose on the world. Most of the AI options require subs unfortunately, so we may end up needing to handle payments also. There's a lot open to discussion, so if you'd be interested, give me a shout!

You can contact me on Discord at imaya0824 - please give me some context and let me know something about yourself and your skills, so I'm not left wondering who just DM'd me randomly :)

I might be wrong but i don't think does DM's and if you're taking a break from twitter - how should we contact you :)

any other ways to contact you? :)

we might need a little more information :) what do you need help with?

for some reason I don't have an email.. this may be my fault for using that font :) it should be
*love* the black coach btw - excellent work, I'll send you an email instead :)

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We're looking for a Pixel Artist Animator to help out on the infinite dreams series of games (

Ideally to join the team on a revenue share agreement but we're open to freelancers looking for a quick paid position too.
Right now we have a character spritesheet that needs editing (approx. 16x48 character, approx. 100 frames).

A working knowledge of layers and animation techniques is a must - maybe you work with Photoshop or Aseprite?

Familiarity with Anime-style characters is a big plus - we also have clothing/hair to design for the characters which will be follow-on work.

if you feel creating a character animation like the above (not ours incidentally, just an example) is within your capabilities, we'd love to hear from you. Obviously I'll favor applications from those wanting to join the team on a rev-share basis but am open to all serious proposals.
Please provide some samples of previous work or a portfolio and, if you're wanting immediate payment, an indication as to cost so we can budget and make a decision.

(You can leave a message with contact details here or if you prefer, contact us at )

Do you have a portfolio or any writing samples anywhere?

Sent you a message!

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who contacted us - we were overwhelmed both in quantity and quality.

We can only pick one unfortunately and we've now made that decision - but keep up the great work everyone.

Thanks SpicyNoodleStudios but weren't you specifically looking for [paid] opportunities?

Thanks Maxwell, have sent you an email!

We're looking for a talented writer to join the Yami no Yume project (game info here: ). It's a story-based game with a lot of important dialog, character interaction and decisions to make.

This position involves collating and taking charge of the existing lore, building on that to create a consistent game universe (a mix of science and fantasy) and taking charge of stories, world building and most importantly the characters and their dialogs. It sounds like a big job (hence the rev-share) but don't worry there are others in the team who will help you out, so you're not alone!

I think it's important to stress this is not a blank canvas - there's some existing lore and story already sketched out, but there's *plenty* of room to leave your mark as you flesh things out.

Role-playing the characters and hence writing their branching narrative is not something everybody feels comfortable with we realize. In particular, the desired style of narration is similar to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and the main character is a highly sarcastic, glitchy, AI - similar to 'the Bear' in Pit People (listen to this to get a feel for the character )

We would like this person to join the team over the longer term, helping on multiple games, hence our ideal candidate would be:

* a team player - willing to participate in discussions, to give (and receive) constructive criticism

* to have some time available and at least be willing to take part in future projects

* proficient in English, humor (or humour) and sarcasm

* have some prior experience - if you have samples of your work, please do share

If you have questions, please do ask them here, if you're interested, please let us know here (and how to contact you!)

We'd like to make a decision within the next 2 weeks

We'd love to talk to you - have sent you an email

appreciate the response!

I think this is a really important addition to itch that will ultimately help folks decide what to download & support as well as bringing in revenue. If developers can interact and engage with the customer base it builds trust as well as helping us out with all important feedback we need to improve our games.

Can I make the suggestion then, that even if it's temporary, the ratings & review is hooked into the discussion board (or comments) that apply to a page.

This would at least allow us to interact with folk and should be minimal work for the dev team - I'm thinking force generate a comment/post and let the existing system do what it's good at. The star rating could be temporarily hooked into the avatar, title or comment by means of inserting an image with the appropriate number of stars. 

That way, developers get informed of ratings, can respond to ratings and everyone can at least get some feedback :)

I can't find any info on this anywhere for some reason but how does the 'ratings & reviews' thing work exactly?

I discovered someone had left a review for my game but only found it purely by accident 11 days after the event. Do I not get notified as a developer or was there some setting I had wrong?

It appears that ratings are only showing on the analytics for an individual game or from the interact tab. I see nothing on the game page itself, is that correct? I imagined ratings/reviews would appear on the game page for all to see a bit like the community posts (or even as part of the community posts) - again have I got some setting wrong somewhere?

And finally.. I'd like to thank the person for taking the time to leave feedback and interact with such people so as to resolve misunderstandings and build better customer relations - I mean that was the intention of it all in the first place right? So how do I do that exactly? There are no PMs or any way to leave comments or anything that I can see?

I feel this is a good and important addition to itch but I (maybe others too) are having trouble figuring how to actually use it to best effect,

thanks anyone who can shed light on it!

We still have a space left on our team for a GameMeister to help with our latest game Yami no Yume.

What is a GameMeister you wonder? What would they do?

A GameMeister has boundless energy and enthusiasm and loves to play games and to customize or mod them. Don't worry, there's no heavy coding involved here, just text files that you can edit to change the properties of things in-game. Like making rocks that float, or shimmering illusionary walls. You get to figure out how to break the game too. so we can fix it. hopefully.

There's a lot of playing. so much playing. But also fun stuff like hard work, chatting with the team on discord and shaping the future of the game.

But seriously, we need someone who has a bit of time to spare who can work on some of the scripts, filling in blanks, tweaking things, adding your own cool stuff, maybe building some fabulous buildings in creative mode. A GameMeister is one with the game - but if you have other skills to bring to the team, please do!

We're really sorry that this is a 'just for fun' (unpaid) project at the moment but it is entirely possible it might take off and transition to rev-share. Obviously that's the goal :)

You can check out the game and download a demo at

Either leave a comment here, or on Discord (imaya#0824)

Hi Achromatism - we'd love to talk to you. I did try sending you a request on discord but I'm not sure it worked.

Do you have an email address, or alternatively mine is listed above - please drop me a pm.

Do you have an email we can contact you at?

Thanks Prof. I'm afraid the only unfilled voice we have left is the female lead - drop me an email tho if you're up for it!

Is there an email or something we can contact you with? :)

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infinite dreams is a voxel-based simulation engine for developing story-driven games. We've chosen to create a mixed sci-fi and fantasy universe, have some stories, some graphics, some music, a working game engine and a simple demo for the first story - Yami no Yume.

It's a story of survival, rebuilding and ultimately conquering the planet in a post-apocalyptic future.

We're a pretty relaxed team working in our own time but it's taking a long time and we'd like to add to the team so folks can concentrate on what they're best at and less multi-tasking! To that end we're looking to add one or two new team members.

Your Skills

Ideally you can say 'yes' to any 2 or more of the following:

* You know enough about programming to write simple stand-alone Windows scripts/apps.

* You have some experience testing alpha and beta games and good communication skills.

* You're an artist with pixel art experience - ideally anime-style too.

* You love designing maps, buildings or components in a 3D voxel environment. Maybe you play Minecraft?

* You're a writer, proficient in English and can write clearly understood tutorials, blogs, wikis and similar.
    - or perhaps you're more comfortable with doing this via video?

* Voice acting - our very sarcastic lead female doesn't have a voice yet. We could outsource this but it would be great if she were part of the team.

This is a 'just for fun' (unpaid) project happening at its own pace at the moment but it's entirely possible it might take off and transition to rev-share.
Clearly anyone who contributes to it's creation will have free access to that game but I'd like to build a long-term team and work on multiple projects together.

Interested? Either comment here or reach me at gt @ataen. com
If you have examples of your work or a portfolio or whatever, please do include links.