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[Multiple Roles] Make sci-fi/fantasy stories with the infinite dreams team!

A topic by infinite dreams created Jul 15, 2019 Views: 219 Replies: 5
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infinite dreams is a voxel-based simulation engine for developing story-driven games. We've chosen to create a mixed sci-fi and fantasy universe, have some stories, some graphics, some music, a working game engine and a simple demo for the first story - Yami no Yume.

It's a story of survival, rebuilding and ultimately conquering the planet in a post-apocalyptic future.

We're a pretty relaxed team working in our own time but it's taking a long time and we'd like to add to the team so folks can concentrate on what they're best at and less multi-tasking! To that end we're looking to add one or two new team members.

Your Skills

Ideally you can say 'yes' to any 2 or more of the following:

* You know enough about programming to write simple stand-alone Windows scripts/apps.

* You have some experience testing alpha and beta games and good communication skills.

* You're an artist with pixel art experience - ideally anime-style too.

* You love designing maps, buildings or components in a 3D voxel environment. Maybe you play Minecraft?

* You're a writer, proficient in English and can write clearly understood tutorials, blogs, wikis and similar.
    - or perhaps you're more comfortable with doing this via video?

* Voice acting - our very sarcastic lead female doesn't have a voice yet. We could outsource this but it would be great if she were part of the team.

This is a 'just for fun' (unpaid) project happening at its own pace at the moment but it's entirely possible it might take off and transition to rev-share.
Clearly anyone who contributes to it's creation will have free access to that game but I'd like to build a long-term team and work on multiple projects together.

Interested? Either comment here or reach me at gt @ataen. com
If you have examples of your work or a portfolio or whatever, please do include links.

Hello! I'd love to be a voice actor on the team. I can do a number of voices, and whatever you request of me I'll be sure to do my best. Thank you for the opportunity.

Thanks Prof. I'm afraid the only unfilled voice we have left is the female lead - drop me an email tho if you're up for it!

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I'm kind of intrigued. I like the general concept of the game and think it has some pretty fair potential even as a demo. I'm a little excited to add on to it with some ideas of my own.

I could offer a couple things. I heard you didn't necessarily need composers, but i can still do some work with sounds and songs if you'd like. I have a Soundcloud up if you want to see my general style when making this sorta stuff:

I'm also somewhat of a pixel artist but I don't have a huge base of work in that since I've mostly just worked with typical digital art in my own style, but I can try my hand at pixel art for anything you need from textures, to UI or sprites for characters, I'd be happy to give it a shot. I don't have a site ready for an art portfolio, since I've never really felt like releasing my art for the world to see and all aside from track art for my music, but I can try and scrape together what I've made and show my work on Discord.

Though, I could send some images here now that I noticed the function. I'm using a different computer from where I've had most of my work, so sadly I'm kind of starting from scratch and don't have much to show aside from trying to save the images I've already made from wherever I've sent them. Anyhow, I've made a few art-related things recently (also wow these images are big):

Also, yeah, I've been playing Minecraft a bit. Designing landscapes and buildings is a pretty enjoyable passtime, though I'm not certain of what that entails (I don't know if I need some sort of program to perhaps create/edit 3D voxel environments, or if this is more of a design-based thing where I could help plan out the environment itself), so I can't guarantee anything apart from concepts on that end, until I can maybe get some more info, at least.

I'm fairly new to this, heh, but yeah. I'd like to help out and gain a bit of experience.

Looking forward to your response! >:O

Hi Achromatism - we'd love to talk to you. I did try sending you a request on discord but I'm not sure it worked.

Do you have an email address, or alternatively mine is listed above - please drop me a pm.

Forgot to reply, woops. I got the request! Glad to be speaking with you all.

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