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[Unpaid][GameMeister] Play & Mod Yami no Yume (story-based RPG survival)

A topic by infinite dreams created Aug 01, 2019 Views: 85
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We still have a space left on our team for a GameMeister to help with our latest game Yami no Yume.

What is a GameMeister you wonder? What would they do?

A GameMeister has boundless energy and enthusiasm and loves to play games and to customize or mod them. Don't worry, there's no heavy coding involved here, just text files that you can edit to change the properties of things in-game. Like making rocks that float, or shimmering illusionary walls. You get to figure out how to break the game too. so we can fix it. hopefully.

There's a lot of playing. so much playing. But also fun stuff like hard work, chatting with the team on discord and shaping the future of the game.

But seriously, we need someone who has a bit of time to spare who can work on some of the scripts, filling in blanks, tweaking things, adding your own cool stuff, maybe building some fabulous buildings in creative mode. A GameMeister is one with the game - but if you have other skills to bring to the team, please do!

We're really sorry that this is a 'just for fun' (unpaid) project at the moment but it is entirely possible it might take off and transition to rev-share. Obviously that's the goal :)

You can check out the game and download a demo at

Either leave a comment here, or on Discord (imaya#0824)
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