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A passionate composer willing to grow a portfolio

A topic by danderian created Jul 15, 2019 Views: 185 Replies: 3
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Hey there!

I am looking to start a career in the game industry so I'd love to participate in your project. I will do it for free, and as long as you're happy with the results, you'll decide if I get paid or not. I have played the greatest games of all times (including Monkey Island) and I can assure I understand the importance of music and sounds in the gaming experience. I am also a software developer.

Since I was 15 years old I have been making music with computers and synthesizers. I had a contract signed with a Music Library during the 2001, and my songs were played in some independent movies at those times. But life sent me thru a different path hence I ended up being a professional software developer, while I still composed music as a hobby.

However, I am now decided to give this passion a new opportunity hence I am willing to give my best.

I can offer sound design and editing as well, including real ambient sounds as I own a well equipped studio. I am versatile and will do the best to achieve an excellent sound experience for your project.

There are some compositions at and I am currently working in other styles and genres. 

This will be definitely a great chance for me.

Best regards,

Nicolás Iglesias


if you use discord here is my discord: georgecrhennen#7184

if you use email then

Do you have an email we can contact you at?

Yes, sure, I'm available at

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