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Sounds good, please get in touch with me via the discord tag I added. I would also like to mention if you are a beginner we are looking for people who would know networking or in your case be able to learn it. 

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Hey there, if you are looking for something to do I am creating a free multiplayer game for steam with one other. I am currently going to school for game design and am looking for more people to help and collaborate.  We are using Unity. Please feel free to add and message me.  

If you would like to make pixel art, general art, music, or any of the other creatives you are welcome to message me as well


This is cool. Very good tool. I hope it was fun to make

I feel like you played johnsgame one day. if so i would be glad because i made that game.


Dude you are an excellent 3d artist but this isn't that type of game otherwise it would be very much yes. Very sorry :(

my god... that's stunning.  I hope you know that.  And it would be free for anyone to play. at some point someone wanted to give me money to have one dedicated server to run the server list but I dont make anything off of that. Your art is stunning.

this is my discord: georgecrhennen#718

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Literally just looking for someone who is creative and wants an outlet to make stuff. Items, mobs, whatever. I have the systems to make it and as long as you are competent enough you can easily make stuff.



Here is my email

I am making this top-down game and have spent a few months on it now. If anyone else would like to join in I am looking for anyone who wants to help because anything will help. Even if you have a fun/stupid idea it can probably be added in its own fun way. 

The game will end up being an online-multiplayer dungeon game but right now I am working on doing the actual game work before in turns online (even though this is usually the wrong order). 

Here is a few gifs and screenshots: (THESE ARE MOSTLY IN THE TEST ROOM BTW) (AND SOME OF THESE IMAGES ARE OLD SO IT MAY BE A LITTLE INCONSISTENT) It kinda looks more like how much has changed over some x amount of time. 

Some specific stuff i need help with is enemy AI (Well more along the lines of collision AI between enemies, it is really fucky right now), Liquids spreading out (kinda hard for me since it's a top-down game...), Map items with Fog of war and location of player while moving, Vehicleslike having the player in a minecart on a railroad for example (think terr aria).  being able to sit in specific chairs.

Feel free to say any item because i have created a world where anything can easily fit into the game without it messing up any kind of lore or whatever.

If not here, you can contact me here: georgecrhennen#7184

i'd love to.

I'd definitively be down. 

Discord: georgecrhennen#7184

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no it's not, capitalization matters. try to phrase your remarks better because you look super rude.

it didn't because you didn't post it right. 

if you use discord here is my discord: georgecrhennen#7184

if you use email then

that discord didnt work

How to contact exactly?

I have a game that might need better art or updated art. If you would like to help that'd be cool. Feel free to add me on discord: georgecrhennen#7184

Uhh here is an image:

I have no clue if it even needs changing or updating but i feel like it does. If you would like to again, just add me or whatever you do to contact people. I will read comments obviously.