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Thank you for playing my game! Being able to see how people play the game, and the commentary while playing is helpful!

There are quite a few things I wanted to change with the arrows after finishing the game actually. I felt like it would be necessary to have some more variety than the one enemy in the game, and because of that I pushed to get them in the game before the end of the jam. The main goal of the arrows is to build on top of the parry mechanic in a way that the melee attacks couldn't (reflection of the arrows). Originally I had planned to have enemies that shoot the arrows which would mean that the player would be more capable of seeing the arrows as they are being released from an enemy. I think if I choose to stick with the idea of arrows being a level hazard, I will add in a ui element such as a red arrow coming from the side of the screen (position from which it will enter), and pointing in the direction it will be traveling. I also don't feel fond of the hitbox for countering arrows. The way the counter attack works is that if the player is hit will blocking, they will parry an attack. With the arrow, if the player isn't directly hit by an arrow, they wont counter. Thank you so much for your feedback, you were very in depth!

This is definitely one of my favorites from the jam! The level design was incredible for a game jam game! I would love to see more levels for this game. If you have the time, I made game of my own for the jam.

I loved the drawings on the wall at the start of the game as opposed to a pop-up. It made pressing the keys feel more like a discovery. A really cool idea for a stealth game! If you get the time, would you mind rating my game?

I beat it! :) This controlled surprisingly well btw! I also really loved the background music. If you get the time check out the game I worked on for the jam.

It's a really interesting game! I appreciated the additional help provided in the top right of the screen. This is a very clever way to treat the theme! If you have the time, I made a game for the jam as well, and I'd love some feedback!

This was a really cute and clever game! I love that you used the eggs as lives as well as how you tied them into the way you spawn in. I did however seem to get locked out of going right at room room 3 where you introduce enemies. Other than that, great job! If you get the time, I made a game for the jam as well and would love if you checked it out and gave it a rate.

Thank you for your feedback. I'm curious though, are you referring to the attack animation of the player or the enemy?

Thank you so much! Yeah, I originally wanted to have it be a web game, but webgl for unity was crashing while compiling every time. I wasn't quite sure if escape was allowed for unity webgl or not (I haven't made a webgl game before), and I knew right click wasn't. Since I ended up doing a downloadable, right click parries as well. I should have disabled the space bar pausing though. A proper menu system is definitely on my list if I come back to this game. Thank you for your feedback! :)

I really like the art style and the music. The mechanic for this game is very clever and well executed. I think I may end up coming back to check this one again. Well done! 

This is by far the best game that I've played from this jam. I love the way you rolled out the bomb in a way that the player would have to learn the mechanic. I was seeing your progress pics on the discord page as well. I respect the hustle.

Got quite a few laughs from this game. It's an interesting twist to interactive fiction. Well done!

I love the pixel art, and I appreciate the extra work that went into giving the game a soundtrack!

One Strike is, in short, simply about parrying and riposting enemy attacks. Each enemy takes only One Strike, but you can only swing your weapon once before exhausting the move. In order to attack again, you must parry an enemy move first. P.S. You can reflect the arrows too!

One Strike is, in short, simply about parrying and riposting enemy attacks. Each enemy takes only One Strike, but you can only swing your weapon once before exhausting the move. In order to attack again, you must parry an enemy move first. P.S. You can reflect the arrows too!

The limitations on aiming actually add quite a bit of depth to the game. I felt like I was constantly needing to shuffle around to face enemies. It would be interesting if some enemies tried to make sure that they only attacked you from above and below to dive into the mechanic. On a bit of a side note, the text is a bit blurry. One thing I highly recommend is using text mesh pro. Interesting game though!

I'm so confused and i feel like I'm being trolled, but I still got a good laugh. Interesting game.

I cant remember my score exactly, but I had something like 1150. It was super satisfying to get two characters side by side/stacked on top of each other. Big fan of the retro art style too! Being able to get such a sense of progression from a game made with so little time is fairly impressive! 

I think putting the focus of the game on not just attacking your opponent but on fighting over a weapon is quite a great idea. It pushes the game into a manic sprawl of tag! Only gripe is that the "bounciness" of the characters feels a bit inconsistent. Overall well done though.

The quality of artwork and the ambitious task of taking on a card game for a game jam is quite impressive. The focus on resourcefulness is a really good aspect in any card game. It reminds me a lot of slay the spire.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the feedback. I definitely feel like the game has a bit of a rough start for new players since it is forcing people to play the game in a way that these types of games usually don't function. Some early scenarios that let the player get a hand for parrying enemy attacks before letting them loose would be fairly important if I were to flesh it out. Thank you!

I'm actually kind of surprised anyone really picked up on the mini-story I had behind the scenario. The idea i had behind the environment was that you had just walked into a room  you shouldn't have (rather than defending a doorway). Thank you for the time you put into reviewing my game. This is much appreciated!

Thank you man, I really appreciate the feedback! This is very high praise! On the topic of the issue with enemies striking from the above the screen, I think I would agree. If I fleshed the concept out into a full game, it would likely be using levels focused on sprawling hallways, and enemies wouldn't be able to start attacking until in view. I think there's an interesting discussion to be had on design when it comes to the enemies' ability to behave when outside of the camera.