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Fostering Apocalypse by Incisor Studios, Mauricio Castillo, toothmonster ( 

Thank you for putting this together, hoping for the best always

Bullet Hell time!


Hey there! We recently updated Fostering Apocalypse and made it a paid game, and would love to put it in a bundle!

If you have any questions, we're here to answer! Absolutely love all the work that has done for indie devs and we would love to give back and make our game even more avaliable to others.  🖤

Thank you for the report! We're working on an update to fix some issues like this one, and hopefully we'll have it out in the next few weeks. I don't think you're the only one with this problem, so we definitely have something to fix here.

Thank you so much!! :"-)

Hey there! Do you think you could send us an e-mail with your system specs / the behavior of the game when you run it if you can? Just to look deeper into it and hopefully find a solution ASAP! 

Our e-mail is

Thank you, and we hope we can sort this out soon! 

Hello! That's really weird; I have a question, do you have a double monitor setup by any means? My first thought is that it's running but in a different monitor than it should be running in.

Aside from that, do you think you could send us an e-mail with system specs at We'll look into it!

Thank you, and I hope it gets sorted out soon; we'll do the best we can to help!

Hi, thanks for the interest! There's currently not any plans for a novelization, no.

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Hey there, thank you! Right now, while there is an established idea of what the sequel would be, we do not have any dates of production or anything. We're focusing on the game's Steam release and our next project, so be on the look out for that.

Thank you for asking, and we hope you enjoy Fostering Apocalypse!

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Hmm, this is really weird-- we'd never heard of a bug like this. I'll be looking from my side and keep you updated if I find something, but my first instinct is to wonder if maybe your anti-virus is identifying the game as dangerous? That may be the case, especially considering we don't really have a digital signature for software or something of the sort. Maybe your AV has a history function that lets you see that?

Let us know, even if not, I'll be looking for an answer and let you know if I find anything :)

We aren't currently, but we may make future games available for mobile!

Thanks so much for your feedback! While we don't have any plans to expand on Fostering Apocalypse much more as a narrative, your support and encouragement will definitely inspire us in future projects! :-)

This is a great video format! Hearing your thoughts halfway through was a really interesting take and it's great to get your first thoughts and expectations for the story before it's finished. Thanks so much for the video!

Thank you so much for the video, you were so kind!! We're so glad you liked it and we really enjoyed the video!

Fun fact: the idea for Fostering Apocalypse started off as a comic!

WOW thank you so much for the art!!! she looks so cute !!!!

We're glad you had a good time with Del & Barrett! :-)

Currently there are two endings in the game, one good and one bad. We are working on additional content, QoL and fixes for Fostering Apocalypse, some of these detailed here: , which includes a new ending for the game / more branches.

Thank you so much for supporting Fostering Apocalypse!

Thank you so much!

your reactions were so funny!! good luck with the good ending, we hope you like it!

thank you so much! we loved the video, barrett is pretty dragon-like, isn't she? :-)

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Hello everyone! Welcome to the post-mortem devlog for Incisor Studio's first game, Fostering Apocalypse! As we made the game in only four short months, we will be spending a lot of our post-release releasing devlogs about the development in retrospect, as well as updates for our future patches (adding accessibility and clearer game mechanics, for instance).

Fostering Apocalypse is out now, and you can play it on Windows and Mac here. Coming soon to Steam for free!

Our to-do list currently includes:

  • Bug fixing
  • Tutorials for scavenging minigames
  • Accessibility options (reskinning the mashing minigame, control remapping)
  • Controller support
  • Making the final section of scavenging more clear in intent
  • WASD fully incorporated across game and in minigames
  • Arrow keys & E key to select dialog
  • Another ending
  • Secret easter eggs!!
  • Spanish translation

Check out our current post-mortem devlogs:

Thank you for reading and an extra thank you to everyone who has played our game! We hope to update the game soon and will continue to release more devlogs on the making of Fostering Apocalypse!

thank you so much for playing!! we're glad you like barrett :-)

thank you so much, and thanks so much for featuring us! :-)

thank you so much!! we really appreciate it! ❤️❤️

thank you so much! we’re so grateful for this comment and we’re glad you enjoyed it!! 😭😭❤️✨

thank you so much! love the video!

Hey, thank you so much! We're so glad you enjoyed it! And thank YOU for making a video about it! :)

Please share with us your thoughts about our game!

Game cover by Nathaniel Santore

Fostering Apocalypse is the debut game of Incisor Studios, an indie game developer co-founded by Steff Bradley & Mauricio Castillo. Following the story of a survivor in a post-apocalyptic world adopting the prophesied ender of it all, this pay-what-you-want game is a half-hour long narrative with survival elements.

Follow Del and Barrett on their trip through the wastes, collecting food from long-forgotten reserves, encountering survivors & cultists, and growing their relationship. Purchase the game for additional rewards such as wallpapers, the soundtrack, and a high resolution artbook.

Download now:

Please provide any bug reports you come across in your game!