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Thanks! I look forward to pushing out a new release soon. Sorry it's taken so long!

New version will include update to software 3D renderer, possibly new physics, though I really like the old physics, so I'm not 100% sure as I'm struggling to get the AI to work well with the new physics. Possibly a car customiser.

No, unfortunately we ran out of time for sound.

It's not long (an hour or two perhaps) but definitely worth your money! I finished it in one sitting last night and I'm still thinking about it today at work wishing i was hiking around that mountain. I think I'll go play there some more tonight.

Hi, I've just uploaded a new version Alpha6fix which should fix this issue, please let me know if it's still happening.

Hmm my guess is you don't have an audio input device, it shouldn't require one, I'll fix that. Thanks for finding that issue. I'll push a fix soon.

Hey, it's definitely not finished and there's not really any story or difference in teams yet (other than colours).

Different ships have different handling and performance.

I've been working on it when I can but there hasn't been an update in a while, I'm hoping to get more time to work on it over the december break from my day job.

I agree! I liked the idea but it was difficult to balance (especially the economy) and make an interesting strategy.

I'd like to play with the idea more in the future.

Hi, sorry to hear that, would you be able to run the executable in a terminal, it should output any errors.

Which platform are you running on?

Really love this game! Super interesting and fun and beautiful.

Got stuck on a few levels due to a bug where pieces wouldn't connect when they were next to each other, but managed to get past them by chance getting it to connect when it shouldn't: eg.

Indeed, it's a pretty broken game, sorry =) Adopting out cats is way too difficult.

Options for random rotation and flip values would be nice too.

Hi, I'd like to be able to easily place a random tile from a selection, eg. select 5 grass tiles in the palette and when I paint a tile it'll pick one of them rather than placing all 5 in a row. A similar feature is in "Tiled" where it's very useful.

Thanks for the feedback. Definitely still working on this idea, and a lot of it was rushed for the Jam. We've since had a bunch of ideas on how we can improve the system which we'll try out.

This was mostly an experiment to see if real time combat + card deck building is a viable combination.

Check out "Slay the Spire" for a great turn based combat deckbuilder!

You can play with mouse for selecting cards by the way, though I prefer to play with Arrow keys + Z,X,C,V personally.

WASD and Z,X,C,V would be terrible, you can use H,J,K,L instead.

not yet!

Hi, very sorry about that!

You can restore the original ships by deleting the created .json file under `$APPDATA/impbox/vektor2089/ships/`.

Performance issues may be related to the gif recording. I'd suggest trying to disable it in the options menu to see if that helps at all. It's also possible that it's an intentional "glitch" effect that you're seeing as a bug. Does it affect playability or feeling of speed during races?

Thanks for the great feedback!

I did notice the oscillator drift but I wasn't able to fix it in time for the LD release. Will get that fixed up for the final thing.

I've added in the option to pause the wave display to make comparison a lot easier, as well as stacking waves.

I'll also be adding in a spectrograph to view frequencies.

And the timer will be removed, it was a terrible idea in retrospect.

Thanks for playing! I'm working on making it a lot easier and explaining how it works a lot more!

Yep that's a known issue. I'm reworking a lot of things to make it a lot easier and introduce concepts more slowly. And give better tools to solve puzzles rather than having to guess. 

Yep, I'll get to it, but had some troubles with dependencies on macos.

I'll be making a mac version, I had some issues with building it and didn't have time to fix it before the deadline unfortunately.

Hi, thanks for checking, I'm testing on windows 10 now and I'm unable to reproduce the issue, backspace works fine for me.

Are you able to tell me the contents of your $username/AppData/Roaming/impbox/vektor2089/config.ini keymap line?

Thanks for the report, I'll try and reproduce it and get back to you.

Out of curiosity are you running it via app, or standalone?

Thanks very much for the feedback!!

I'm curious about the performance issues, can you let me know what kind of hardware + OS you're running on?

New version of the editor is coming soon and should be a lot easier to use as well as documentation.

I'll look into that crash.

I'll likely have some unlockable faster classes but good to know you're reaching the limit of S class, I used to have a faster class but removed it because people said it was too fast, time to bring it back =)

Thanks, looks like a bug in how I'm encoding/decoding the key map, will get that fixed!

I solved this issue (as it was my own game), the problem being the zip file contained a file with filename that was invalid on windows.  "???.map" removing that zip file (and the rest of the butler channel fixed the problem for me)

Hi! I've added this feature already. 

You can configure the controls in the options menu -> controls -> keyboard. It'll save them in config.ini under [Input] -> Keymap

Let me know if it's not working for you.

Thanks very much! Glad you like the controls.

Polygons might come to the ship editor. You can draw a car with triangles but it's probably a pain.

You can create a figure 8 track in the map editor easily enough.

Freeroam would be nice but I think it will be a bit of work.

We'll see! Thanks for you interest!

Hi, any resolution you like, the window will scale to your screen size.

Hi, not at this point, you can play the pico8 prototype for free here: but it's come a long way since then.

Hi, this is fixed in the latest release. Let me know if you still have issues with it.

Thanks for the report! Confirmed! I'll get that fixed.

Yay! Awesome! =)

This should be fixed in the new version. Please let me know if it still doesn't work when launching from the app.

Hi, can you please test the new version and see if it fixes your issue.

Thanks for checking that! I think I can add a file so that the itch app knows which one to run by default. Will add that now!

Hi it sounds like you're running "vektor.x86_64". Try running just "vektor". The library is in the x86_64 directory and the vektor script sets the library path to use that.

It's out now!! =)

I'm curious how to were able to not have an audio device connected? I'm not sure how to reproduce this. SIGFPE would suggest it might be something else. Could you let me know the exact error message? Thanks!

Interesting! Thanks for the report! Will see what I can do!