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You need to pick it up and use it on the bin

You can turn down the glitchiness in the settings, but yes I should add a way to disable the flashing too, thanks for the feedback!

Super cool idea! Really fun! Looks beautiful. Great tutorials! Looking forward to cracking my first real virtual safe.

A few things: Would be good to have maybe mouseover labels for the different parts, eg. I was often unsure which bit the ‘cam’ or a ‘wheel’ is, would be cool if they had labels when needed, and some of the instructions in the tutorial say “turn left or turn right”, might be more useful if it said clockwise or anti-clockwise since turning left on an upright mechanism is a bit confusing.

Thanks! yeah it’s an old idea, but I think the quests and rules help make it more interesting. I think the number of moves is too generous as it is, I think i’ll tweak it a bit.

Sorry about this! I don’t think you’re missing out on too much with the championship, but you might also not be getting audio.

If you run the executable from does it work?

Great game!! Really easy to pick up, but great puzzle mechanics.

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Hi Vaag,

You can restore the original ships by deleting $HOMEDIR/AppData/Roaming/impbox/vektor2089/ships/*.json on windows, on linux you'll find it in ~/.local/share/impbox/vektor2089/ships/*.json

Thanks for the report, had a few other people with the same issue, I'll work on a better solution so this doesn't happen.

Hi, looks like the prompt is no longer visible, that's a bug.

If you press Y (the top face button, equivalent to Triangle on PSX controller) it should change the control method from this:

to this (classic controls):

Hi sorry about this, sounds like a weird issue I haven't encountered before.

Config files for the game are stored in %HOME%/AppData/impbox/vektor2089/config.ini

If you delete this file it should reset to defaults.

Thank you! <3

Wow! Super rad fun! Really like the art original style, works those extreme colours well, concept was great and seems original, and well executed! super polished!

Looks like a winner to me!

Really cool idea! I love the idea of managing the AI and seems well balanced with the ship cost increasing. I wasn't a fan of the ships going out of bounds and dying, especially after just buying them. Maybe a looping map would be better, could have ships wear out over time to keep the economy working so you need to optimise for their time. Showing your money on the main screen along with the cost of your next ship would be nice.

Wow that Art <3 so fine! I really liked the concept of having to manage your relationship while trying to do your job. I was more interested in the relationship stuff tbh.

I wasn't sure what the buttons prompts down the bottom did until half way through my second playthrough, I wasn't sure how to refuel and was hoping pressing the sensors button would point me towards a refuelling station. Eventually I realised you need to mash buttons really fast which hurts my hands so I had to stop.

I felt the game was let down by the camera movement, maybe a fixed camera per carriage would work better, or just don't move it in Y unless you have enemies come from the south.

The controls felt a bit odd, I tried to use space to purchase items. I didn't seem to get enough metal to do anything useful with it.

Some basic sfx would have helped a lot for feedback about shooting/hitting.

Really nice art and sfx is cool! The gameplay was interesting once I figured it out then trying to plan out how I'd do it, but the randomness felt a bit too much, obviously it's out of control, but not being able to plan your next move was frustrating. I liked that you had to pick a direction and stick to it. Being able to see which portal you'd come out of next might be nice.

I finished level 1 and it felt good, level 2 was too much.

Yeah the tutorial is too hard =( I was worried it'd stop people getting to the game. Did you skip it and try the first level?

Thanks, yea I think it's much too difficult to control, I really struggled with balancing the level design because of this.

Online leaderboards would be great, definitely doable!

Thanks very much for playing! Was great watching you play!

Hmm it seems smooth and expected behaviour to me. I think maybe it's the just glitchy effect which is making it seem like low fps. 

Good idea! I'll get one built! Sorry I don't have have a nice cross compile setup at the moment so I'll need to build on a VM. Should be available shortly.

Weird, the menu runs at a bad framerate but the game runs smooth? is that right?

Yeah I want to make braking more important, 3D will definitely be optional, I like it but I also love the pure topdown too.

I think the new physics feels more like "hovercars" should feel with still keeping with the general feel of Vektor, but it is a big change.



Hi, you can fix it by editing C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\impbox\vektor2089\config.ini

Look for the Input keymap line, you should just be able to delete that line and it'll reset it.

Thanks very much for your review!

I'd love to add unlockables and progression. Check out the tech demo and try the car editor, I'm thinking of making components upgradable and purchasable in a championship mode.

Ooh thanks for the feedback, I'll get those fixed! The idea of the controls option being at the start of the race is it's per player, but it should definitely be available in time attack too, and keep your settings. 

I just need to convince the AI to like it >_< 

Yay! I like it too, though it does feel quite different and took me a lot of getting used to.

Oh Thanks so much! That explains it, I'll have to do some work to ensure it works with non-ascii paths. Sorry about that!

Thanks for that! The "explosion" sound is supposed to be thunder.

I've pushed a new version, please give it a try and see if the DS4 controller works, for me it no longer requires DS4Windows (while wired at least).

This is a good point! It might take me a while to get a working OSX dev environment again =(

Oh if you run it in a terminal does it log anything? That would be useful!

For now I'd recommend doing Single Race for now, Championship is pretty half-baked at the moment.

I'm not able to repro it, but I don't have a mac box handy to test, I'll try and get a new build out soon that will hopefully fix some of these bugs.

I've just tested now with the DS4 controller wired in Windows 10, it seems to need DS4Windows to be running but it's working for me. But I see there's a problem with the menu selection, it seems to skip every second entry which is pretty bad. I'll see if I can fix that easily.

Which platform are you having issues on?