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Possible to make game unplayable by binding keys wrong.

A topic by Sunset Moth created Sep 25, 2020 Views: 524 Replies: 2
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I was trying to switch from WASD to ESDF because I'm a weirdo that likes the closer-to-home-row setup, and I somehow managed to bind keys in such a way that I can no longer progress though menus to undo this. I think it was either binding confirm and cancel to the only confirm key, or unbinding confirm, not sure which.

Deleting my config file fixed this, but you should probably make it so that confirm and menu-down must have at least one key bound to it that is bound to no other button, so you can reset the controls without deleting the config file.


Thanks for the report, had a few other people with the same issue, I'll work on a better solution so this doesn't happen.

Thanks! I just noticed someone had a very similar problem on Eat Girl, so it's not just you. Thanks for the game, it's really cool! Could see myself getting into this...