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Hm - I was thinking this was an expansion to Crescent Moon, is it just its own system? Either way - still super happy it's out, and happy to have backed it! Can't wait to put a physical copy on my shelf, along with all the other RPGs I've yet to get my friends to play...

i figured out what the name means! that's cute.

Text is a bit hard to read... "Try to hold it in your mind (as you shape up to be someone else/as you turn out to be somewhere else) The image of these empty streets"?

Had to do it twice, couldn't find the last tiny shape the first time. Otherwise pretty neat.

this song totally sounds like something that'd be named "2:23 AM"

I found it more effective to fight large groups by walking out of the room and back in.

You can double-jump. But yeah, that part is trickier than the rest of the game because it can't be edited.

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are the shaders for these available outside this toy? these would be great for fancy dice in tabletop simulator and stuff...

I'm so glad there's another of these, I love them so much.

If you've got Steam, it has an excellent compatibility layer for controllers, and it should work if you run it through Steam as an external game. (At the very least, you can bind controller actions to keys.)

10/10 makes my brain go OOOUUOUOUHGHGGGGHHHH

are you 12

I assume they mean the save directory.

That's insane. I love it!

...There, now your quotes section is wrong. >:)

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I'd say "what did i JUST say" but I MADE THAT POST OVER A YEAR AGO? STOP!

I have absolutely no power to fix this! I'm not the dev! You realize this sends me an email telling me you replied, right?

Hey, fancy seeing you here! We keep seeing you on the fediverse and recognized your avatar.

- Moth

This is great! I tried it for just a moment because I really enjoyed EAT-GIRL and anything that's at all like that is good.

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1. enter water

2. press and hold up, down, and C

3. ???


(please don't fix this it's incredibly fun)

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Yeah, that ending was about what I figured from the "your goal is cryogenics" thing. The way you put it gave me a good laugh. Fun game! I like optimizing blocks like that. Have you played Chime Sharp?

Delete your save data. It should be in the standard Godot saves folder, if ve remember correctly.

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If you grab ShareX and point it at Radio Bubble, it'll show the box is almost twice the size of the circle... So, yeah, it's blocking clicks in its bounding box, but its bounding box is too large.

10/10, genuinely affected the way I thought for the rest of the day.

Tile pushing puzzles should stay solved.

Ooooh, good idea! I don't know why I hadn't thought of that, yeah, I'll put it in with the word list.

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Crashed unexpectedly with no apparent log when I was fiddling in the text section on the second level. Seems kinda... Trial and error. It's still neat to play around with, though.

Ayy, I'm not the only one doing a hypnosis-related game for SBJ6! Nice!

I have no idea what just happened but it was interesting.

i'm not sure what just happened but it was well-put-together

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The names are "beige" and "bisque" in the engine for the mid-zone ones, and "white" and "whitesmoke" for the title screen ones.

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There isn't a mobile version, sorry. The web version was not made for mobile, even if it does load there. It requires a keyboard.

I'll see what I can do at a later date, but right now my focus is on hitting 1.0 release, with a full version of Track A and at least part of C and F.

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Ahhh, I see why it crashes. I changed XJ to XH at the last minute, but it's still looking for the XJ folder.

I've actually reconsidered some things, and I think I'm going to just remove XH entirely for now. It might come back, it might not. I'm already stealing enough from Droptiz Deluxe and XH takes things a little too far when it comes to outright copying things without permission. I'm gonna see if I can get in touch with NowThatsStrategy, but until then I think I'll just take it out.

...Wait, pink? Is my colorblindness playing tricks on me again?
(And are you here from the jam, or did you just find this by chance?)

It's honestly wonderful to watch people be people. So many of the messages are just well-wishes, or someone saying something harmless they "shouldn't say" because they think it's funny, and they're both just... Wonderful. It's nice to watch people be people in this day and age, where social media so often shows us only the bad side of eachother.

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Oh, neat! Thank you!
I've been having a lot of fun watching messages come in, this is great.


this is surprisingly fun for such a simple concept, well done

We're Snowbound. I forget our frequency.


> Includes every level from LOVE, LOVE 2: kuso, and LOVE Remastered in addition to the original 42 track soundtrack

This is wonderful. I love when games do this. I have the original LOVE on Steam, and never got around to finishing it somehow, despite really liking it... Being able to pick up the whole series in one is great, especially for such a low price as $10. Y'all rule.

Are physical copies available somewhere, or have they been delayed? I'd like to put it on my Christmas list since it's first on my very short list of physical goods I want, but I don't see anywhere to buy it.

Itch has a launcher that's supposed to do that.

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Ooooooohhhh, I just saw the description of The Dreamers and... oof, that's a little... too accurate to me. I've got a bit of a problem with escapism, I think. I'm one of the people that sees "may you have an interesting life" as a blessing, not a curse.