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Paul "BoJack" Eyheramouno

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Thank you! I think it would be less interesting with a turned based, at least we the design we opt-out but we think to have a buzz button a bit similar to Loop Hero.

Nice papers please like!

Basically the best game I've tried so far, congrats! Miss a restart button as other might already told you!


Thank you! Glad you like it!

The game is a lot about finding how the game work, but yeah we kinda miss a tutorial, we will add it later!

Hi! Yeah, we didn't have time to put a tutorial or hints, but we will make it a bit clearer, even if a large part of the game's fun is about finding what is it about.

And yeah the game is a political game, we put ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation on purpose, we tried to make a political statement.

Nice idle game!

Amazing entry, i really loved it!

Neat idea! Funny enough i had a similar idea a few year back if you wanna try

Neat little idea!

Nice entry, neat idea! Retry should be easier, it's a bit boring to have to reselect the combination each when you know you have the right one but it's just a hard level.

Neat little puzzle game!

Neat little puzzle, i like it!

Neat idea! Congrats!

Haha, nice idea, funny enough, we had a very similar interpretation of the theme!

Great game, amazing presentation!

Lovely game! Cute idea!

Nice little idea!

A bit weird that you have no indication when the line is connected but is on the wrong side! Make the game harder to play, but neat idea whatsoever!

Neat little game! Works very well, nice level design! And graphics are well polished!

Neat little idea, a bit hard to play but the art is lovely!

Well polish, simple mechanic! Congrats!

Nice neat little game, the mechanics work well!

Neat little die and retry! Simple idea but it fits!

Really neat little combinatory idea!

Nice little die and retry! Sadly we can a bit abuse the mechanic by pressing space while we are jumping!

Camera kinda shaky but nice execution overall!

Did you try to play with a download version? It doesn't lag for me and for any of my friend, so I wouldn't know how to improve that.

The whole puzzle is to find how to interact with it, using all the tools that the tutorial taught you!

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Hi! We just added a version for Mac! Hope you like it!