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Hell yeah. I'm in ROC Game DEV's server.

Haha, I didn't realize this game was up, I remember working on this with you. It was definitely fun times. I'd love to do something with this in the future, more polish and etc. I loved making the intro on this and the character. Definitely good times on this one. Get in touch, it would be good to chit chat again too :)


I want to try this

Hi there my name is Mark.  I am a game developer from Ichiban Games. I'm unfortunately at a convention tomorrow so I can't personally participate in extra life, BUT I am wanting to provide a game for those to stream to help the cause. If you stream it, I will promote your stream  The game is called Cannon Custodian. There's an easy version and a hard version of the demo.

Get in touch so I can help promote your stream on here or hit up my email

Here is the link

This looks awesome haha :)

Streamers feel free to stream the demo :)  Let us know when you do so we can promote your stream. Also get us video of the stream :)

CANNON CUSTODIAN - Get the demo here:

Hey everyone :)

We have gotten quite a strong amount of downloads with lots of fantastic feedback. With that being said, we have revamped the demo so it is more "console" like and not "arcade" like. In this we have made the demo a little easier as well. HOWEVER... If you're feeling saucy and bad-ass, you can still play the "Hard Arcade Demo". We now also have a build on Linux.


We are still looking for feedback, and want to know your thoughts. In the future we could do some great things but would like to know who would be into getting this game as a full game. 

Thanks all! - Shoot me stuff you are looking to make or any links to any demos or anything. I'm down to check out stuff.

I am possibly in need of a programmer for the future. I'm looking to make some certain things (vertical shooter, RPG, etc). Maybe we can help each other.

Hey there everyone I hope you're doing awesome. In addition to everything happening, we now have Cannon Custodian available for Mac/Apple PCs as well as how we have it for Windows PCs. 

Get the game HERE!
LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK! We would love everyone's feedback... Good, bad, and ugly! 

"Cannon  Custodian  is  a  retro  styled  arcade  game  of  skill  and  hi-scores. You're Ted, Area  51's  newest  resident  janitor  that  just  so  happens  to  get  stuck  in  an interdenominational  jail,  mistaken  for  an  era  1981  arcade  machine.  With  an enormous  cannon  car,  blast  your  way  through  waves  of  escaped  convicts and  their  kingpins,  all  the  while  defending  your  energy  pods;  the  key  to  your escape...and  theirs!  Grab  massive  power  ups  to  eradicate  everything  that moves,  and  reach  the  bio-dome  to  get  the  power  cell  needed  to  repair  the entry  portal.  So  ready  those  thumbs  and  get  to  lock  and  load,  because  it's time to blast some filth!"

Hey everyone I have a demo for my game Cannon Custodian available for download.

In the zip is the questionnaire along with the game which would help in all feedback.

Mainly I am trying to see if this is worth perusing which is mainly for the person who is the programmer. If it is worth it, we would make this into a full fledged game and not just this demo.

Any and all feedback is awesome and VERY appreciated.

Hey all, my name is Mark and I make board games and video games.

You can check things out at or

If anyone needs any help in games I do art, music, game design, concept art, pixel art, and a lot more. Not a good programmer but I have done a tiny bit in construct.

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Hi everyone. My name is Mark and I have a Take that styled card game called Peacock Block that is in manufacturing, and should be available in the USA (and elsewhere) in April. 

Here's is the commercial I made for it. It's a "Take That" styled card game :)

Hey guys it's Mark, I'm trying to help promote the game jam. Hopefully I can get some new commers to BGS. I think we all should do the same. Is there an event yet?