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Hugh Greene

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Fantastic game. Lots of fun! Very challenging and addictive. I loved this game! I gave it 9 out of 10.

Great game. Fun to play and i love the main character. More please!

very challenging and fun to play. like the mechanics and the art was very cool. 

Very Good! I enjoyed it a lot. Love the mechanics and feel. Very good indeed.

loved graphics and the gameplay. Very easy to play, smooth and downright intuitive.  May i suggest adding a mini-map to get a better feel of the action and  when the greater amount of enemies attack. Other than that i enjoyed it and will continue to play over and over.

thanks for the comment..  I'll do that next time.......easy fix. look out for my next project in the making. its going to be a 2D RPG Action Adventure platformer. Working on the graphics right now. I also have a working level but more on that later.

nice game. loves the graphics. great fun


Pacman Revisted is a Windows game featuring the famous retro character Pacman. Challenging levels, more bonuses, more characters and power ups. These and more you will find in the game. 

This version has a amount of limited levels to play. You can check my page at for a more detailed information, as well as the download link.

Pacman Revisted is the first of a series of remakes I am doing.  Soon you will see releases of Tetris,  Arkanoid and some other shooters  published in the very near future.

If you enjoy or have any suggestions, then comment as much as you'd like.

Thanks for that. I'm new so i appreciate the help.

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Open Balloon Pop is a fun game for Linux where your objective is to stop a series of balloons from leaving the screen. 

Move your mouse over the different colored balloons and watch them pop revealing various goodies and bonuses. This release is free to play for you to enjoy.

The Final Release is finished. Some issues were addressed and now the game is completed. Additions were also done to the project and it should be working fine now.

You can download the program file from here Open Balloon Pop