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This was fun!

Thanks for playing. Yeah looking back I definitely should have made the game easier. Also about the red getting involved the way it works is you have to survive the boss on the blue side then it goes to the red side later on and you finish it off with the gun.

I ran to the flower before I was “supposed to” and the game just froze there

Very interesting idea. The how to play seemed like it was translated which is fine but just took me a second to understand. Very fun reminds me of wheres waldo. Def needs a lot of polishing though.

Interesting idea. Wish it was a bit more polished though. Screen transitions and honestly a clickable UI is nice. I know the point of it was to be able to break the UI but I was very confused at first. Apart from that unique mechanics.

Also we had a similar idea just executed it very differently lol

Very great level design and world building. Adding sound effects and a bit of game feel would be nice though.

This is a cool idea. Found it very hard though honestly. That might be a me problem though haha.

This game has a interesting idea and cute visual and sound design. It just really needs polishing. The tutorial broke very fast for me and I also noticed how you asked the player to please play the tutorial. Maybe instantly load the player into it and just have a skip button for repeating players. Cool though and cute idea.

This was a very interesting concept. I think it needed a bit of a tutorial. Very cool though.

This was really interesting. Like someone else said the difficulty curve was pretty extreme. I enjoyed this though very interesting. 

This was very cool. I liked the phone feature a lot but which the text was a bit smaller on the message app. I loved the art though and controlling the camera was fun. Very unique game!

This was very interesting! I love pico games aswell so very cool. Took me a minute to understand but very intruiging.

Ah it was. That makes so much more sense now. Im going to replay the game. Thanks

This was a really fun game. I like the mechanic of the pop up windows. Would be cooler if there was more of a variety of them. Interesting idea and executed well.

This was so cool! I actually loved this. I first played the game and downloaded it and thought it was really cool and then I saw the errors and was all like shoot. Then I realized a new app opened up and my mind blew. Super cool game. Really enjoyed this one of my favorites.

Yeah of course cuz id love to give the game another go understanding it better. So like in the plating room im dragging out all of my seeds and then I can no longer shoot when I get into the next room. Idk if im doing something wrong but left click wouldnt work and I could not defend myself.

This is really cool. I love the ideas of using the colors and switching to the correct ones. Was very fun and honestly quite interesting. Cool game. Which there was more game feel tho!

This game is so sick! I love the different uses of the gun and how you visualized that. The only thing I dislike is the shop keeper as I found it hard to read and confused. But the feedback is so nice when you shoot and etc. Cool game and Doom is great!

Reminded me of pikmin lol. I think if this game was polished  a bit more it could be really well done. Cool idea!

One thing I think would be a nice add to the game is if the hives costed less at the start and then costed more when you had more on your little garden. Also I love the achievement system!

This is a very cute and fun game. Honestly at first I was getting bored and was thinking to myself... this game needs more than just a couple flowers and then all of a sudden I got an achievement and BOOM. Way more flowers and the options just didnt stop. A lot of cool features and I love the idea of the phone. Its very creative. Was worried at first that this game was too simple and then it exploded and became very fun and interesting. I love how you can get more land. One of my favorite entries. 

Cool game. A couple things tho. You dont need a quit button in a web build. It just breaks the game. The graphics are cool though and I really like the idea. Found it to be confusing at some points but understood it in the end!

I enjoyed this game a lot. I love the idea but there are a few things.
I think the game really needs a camera change showing the entire arena. It felt very annoying to not be able to see where bullets where coming from and the boss health the whole time. The art is cool tho and I love the octopus!

This has a very cool art style!

Ah we had the same concept but executed it very differently. Neat game level design was cool.

I loved the art style. Very cool color pallete. Noticed a couple of issues though. The factories should cost more money as you make more. I placed down 5 and then it got to the point where I could just spam down factories. This screenshot was after 30 seconds of gameplay. Another is I dont know if the enemies target the turrets and kill them but it seemed like it and if so it would be nice to have a health bar above them. Very cool concept though.

Very funny idea! It is laggy though. Which it was a bit more optimized.

My team when brainstorming had the same basic concept. Good thing we didnt go through with it or we would have matching games haha. Asides from that the art is amazing in this game. Great color palatte. In the intro I wish you could make the dialogue go faster though. It takes a while. Wanted to listen but skipped it because it took too long. I like the title text introducing the new phases of the game. Very cool font. Also love how you used Charon. Great bit of mythology and reminds me of one of my favorite games Spiritfarer which is a great thing. Also i liked how the characters walked up. Very fluid. One thing that would of been nice would be different noises based on the buttons you pressed. 

This game had a great idea. I found it to be very confusing at first. Could of used a bit of a better tutorial  but apart from that once I figured it out it was cool. I might not be understanding it but when I plant all of the seeds in my inventory I just cant shoot anymore and that frustrated me as it softlocked me into just having to die. I think if this game was explained a bit clearer it has a great potential. A very interesting mechanic. Loved art!

Great game as usual from you! Loved this made me laugh.

Yo this was sick. The art style was hella cool but kind of hard to find where enemies and player was but that kinda added to it. Feel very tripped out. Gameplay is nice the upgrades add depths. Cool game

I liked how you had to run to the bosses avoiding the bullets. Was a cool game.

Very interesting. The first 3d style game I played. I like the room concept. I feel like im sneaking into a bank dodging through lazers.

Found movement to be kind of janky. Idea is cool though once I understood how the slime interacts. Art is really sick and fitting

I really enjoyed this. I did find the bubble shooting a bit annoying as it took a while for them to gain speed and hit my targets making it hard to aim but at the same time understand the intention and thinks it adds a lot. I love all the different enemy types!


Yo this was cool. Gets pretty chaotic fast. I think it would really benefit from a web build. When I first started game jams no one would play my games because I would make them download only. A lot of people are scared to or just don't want to download games. Think you would really benefit from this. Aside from that its cool. I think the gun could overheat a bit faster as I found myself never really thinking about the overheating mechanic.

Cool idea. I really liked picking my weapons at the beginning. Was cool if there was more but obviously its a game jam so time constraint. I also love the auto attacking so I can focus on weaving!


This is so sick! I was confused at first mainly cuz I dont like reading and probs skipped the instructions but when I figured it out I liked it a lot. Felt sick like choosing when and when to not use the sight

This is cool. I like the idea of only being able to shoot in the boxes. Graphics r sick