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Neat concept but the 6 levels are all far too easy, would have been nice to throw in a difficult one at the end to show. I like the look although the level transitions are a little on the slow side which can get annoying. Fun game

A very creative take on the theme, and plenty of fun.

Neat idea but very difficult!

Not much depth but has a very cute art style

Fun and very challenging. Love the look.

A little clunky to control but I love the gameboy asthetic

Fun game, well implemented mechanic and amazing presentation. Can feel a little bit clunky at times but otherwise great job!

Cool game but very difficult to understand at first. A tutorial would be nice

Fun art design and a well implemented  mechanic that fits the theme well. I felt it ended to soon though, would have been nice to see some more difficult levels but great job for a jam!

Fun but very difficult, maybe start off easier and ramp the difficulty up more slowly to stop people giving up early

Interesting idea and nice art. I'm terrible at it though haha

Fun game but controls can be a bit finicky

Awesome art style! Love it!

I've seen a lot of games based on this same mechanic but this is by far the one with the best execution

Fun game and it looks gorgeous!

Nice idea and fun but can be positioning slimes cam be frustrating at times

Very fun game and a unique idea, would love to see this expanded with more levels!

A fun little platformer, controls feel great! Sound effects are a little grating though

Fun idea, definitely a good twist on a classic metroidvania. Can be a pain to get all the slimes back to the machine after taking damage but otherwise a very enjoyable experience.

Don't worry that was the last level anyway haha

Incredible! Love the art style and the puzzles are great. I feel there are plenty of mechanics that can be expanded on here, that moment when you realize you have to reverse to get through the door in time is excellent. I would love more of this!

Wow! Very interesting idea and very well executed.  Very fun trying to discover new combinations. Only suggestion would be to make it possible to drag molecules around on screen to stop things getting so cluttered and make going for a bigger combo easier to plan out.