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It's definitely the four hour-sized version of the game, but making a complete anything in four hours feels like a accomplishment.

When I saw 'Interactive novel' in the description I though ooh, that's a bit poncy.

But no. This is an honest-to-god novel, twine'd up and given away for free on halloween. My hat goes off to you, because holy shit that's amazing.

This has got more Halloweenic energy than any other three entrants put together.

I can't speak to its good taste, but it's got the swagger.

I am only six sevenths Moon Goon. The seventh ending eludes me.

Unless, as another man said, the existence of a seventh ending is merely another snare of the god of cruelty.

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I cannot tell a lie: having this great new interface and using it to reimplement 'examine' and 'ask about' caused a burning pain to shoot through my head.

The story's charming, though.

For instance, the link to intfiction should point to the thread for the current Ectocomp, not the thread for the previous Ectocomp, as it does now.

Likewise, the 'list of all the participants' link goes to a list of other people who participated in a different competition. That's not good.

(If there's something clever or spooky to do while sneaking off to pee, I wasn't clever or spooky enough to find it.)

Rating anthologies is trickyyyy.

I rate the foolglass story five out of eight drowned corpses. The darkness story gets one out of one cheap laughs. The baby story is two out of seven Silent Hill sequels. And Don't Dive into Blood, Kids is wolf out of wolf wolfs.

I think that adds up to four out of five stars!

Came for the atmosphere, stayed for the terrifying fish.

The terrifying fish were well beyond the call of duty.


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I don't know what to make of this. I don't know how my character works or how the only(?) other character works. I don't know what my goals are or how to approach them. I don't know if these deficiencies are in the game or in me.

On a purely technical level: text should appear faster and not jiggle.

(edit: Second try. Any attempt to take a proactive action in the gameworld gets me a not-really-grammatical blurt of third-person narration and kicks me back to the title screen. Except one time my interlocutor announced she "had sage" and gameovered me apropos of nothing.)

(edit: Actually, a lot of the game has a translated-from-another-language feel to it. And it's hard to imagine Emily Short writing such hyper-stilted dialogue. (The ghost is off-kilter intentionally, I guess. But the human's diction is nearly as odd. And the intermittent blurts of narration are worse!)

I absolutely do not know what to make of it.)

(edit: And a few hours later the author talks about the game on her blog. Which gives a bit of context for the experience, if not the oddness of playing it.)

Even wearing headphones, I can't make out what cookie monster is saying more than half the time. 

Cool idea, but too heavy on the voice filters to play. :(

My cheeks have been terrorised into a rictus of smiling. This is so great.

Cunningham deserved to win his factory, and this deserves to win Ectocomp.

Super-cool. I was smiling all the way through, and the end was perfect.

One point (rot13): Ng gur raq bs gur tnzr V svefg glcrq gur jbeq lbh va gur obk, naq jura gung qvqa'g jbex V jrag bss ba n jebat cngu sbe n juvyr. Fubhyq vg npprcg lbh nf na nafjre?

Aliens change colour as take damage. White means they have 15+ hp. (White aliens also line up in nice vertical rows for easy beaming :) )