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A jam entry

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Submitted by Elizabeth Smyth (@untiltheygo) with 6 hours, 13 minutes before the deadline
Rated by 8 people so far
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Le Grand Guignol

for games made in 4 hours or more

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This was just a whole lot of fun! Love it. (And I totally got away with it.)


Aha, congrats! And thank you very much!


Had great fun, but couldn't bring myself to stop Mystery Inc! (Although I was glad Shaggy got knocked out, the shambolic idiot!) Great game. 


Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it, and kudos for letting the gang do what they do best :P


This time I did get away with it.  Good story.


Ha, congratulations! And thank you for playing!


My cheeks have been terrorised into a rictus of smiling. This is so great.

Cunningham deserved to win his factory, and this deserves to win Ectocomp.


Thank you so much! That really, really means a lot :D