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Elizabeth Smyth

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Thanks man, I really appreciate it! Well done on getting all the endings :D

Thanks so much for playing, it's really good to hear your thoughts! In fact the upside down text here is regular characters transformed with css!

Thank you so much, I'm really glad you like it!

Thank you very much, and good luck!

Awesome, thank you! Glad to hear you got that third ending :D

Thanks Stewart! Appreciate the feedback. Two out of three endings is still pretty good! :P

That’s extremely valid – next year I promise to consider a more slither-heavy sequel. And thank you for playing!

Spent a little bit of time with this and got to the (an?) ending – I REALLY enjoyed spotting the references and wandering about in the atmosphere, which is captured extremely well. I NEED to know if there's a key. Is there a key??

Sorry, I stalked you a bit so I know you must be aware of the Apollo 18+20 project. When I saw this game on the list, it stirred this recurring daydream I used to have about giving Spirit Phone (including all the bonus tracks) the same treatment. Hmu if you ever want to discuss the feasibility of turning the rest of the best album of the decade into text adventures :-)

Thank you so much! ❤️ I can also totally imagine building a longer game with more puzzles around the same mechanic. Maybe someday!

Ahh thank you, I’m glad you like it! And especially that you enjoyed seeing the different outcomes :D

Thank you so much! That really, really means a lot :D

Ha, congratulations! And thank you for playing!

Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it, and kudos for letting the gang do what they do best :P

Aha, congrats! And thank you very much!