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Great news, thank you!

Hi David, I'm currently working on a project for the British Library archiving British web-based interactive fiction and would love to include some of your pieces in the collection. Could you please email me at if you are interested? 


Oh wow, the aquarium brochure is a thing of wonder! Was chuckling as I went along, and by the time I reached the Triple-Lobed Disappointment, I was in full fledged hysterics! 

I'm new to Texture myself, so I'm not sure. As far as I know from playing other Texture games, I *think* this is normal, but I only really used very basic functionality, so may have missed something! 

My first playthrough had a lovely ending, the second horribly sad, but I found both enjoyable and for the most part the grammar held together. I think I may have found one small bug when I asked Sylvie to call me Marie and she called me Barbara from that point onwards, but perhaps she just wasn't listening! 

Had great fun, but couldn't bring myself to stop Mystery Inc! (Although I was glad Shaggy got knocked out, the shambolic idiot!) Great game. 

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Some of these scenarios were a little too reminiscent of real life for my liking! (Getting bumped into presenting first when I originally thought I'd be last?! 😱 Actual nightmare!)