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As always, it was great playing everyone’s games. See you all next year! :)

I really love the concept of this piece!

My only comments are technical and mostly involve the font and color choices.

As you continue to develop this, you might consider adding options that let the player set the font to something that’s more standard. I had some trouble with the default font. Color-wise, the purple/yellow worked okay against the blue background but when links were toward the bottom of the screen in the pink section I really struggled to read them.

Another tweak that would be pretty easy to make would be to add more paragraph breaks. Long paragraphs are less readable on the screen.

Thanks for submitting your entry! :)

Thanks for the comment! I will try to make it clearer that you’re just supposed to type “trick or treat.” I did wonder if breaking it out of the typical parser commands would be confusing.

I enjoyed this take on the singularity. Its slow pace made me reflect on what matters in our (hopefully less catastrophic) reality, as well.

I did find the “click twice” thing a little annoying, personally, although I think I understand why it’s there.

A great Bluebeard take!

Is there a way to “win”?

This was an atmospheric piece and I enjoyed the local folklore!

I did notice a few typos, and it looks like there might be a bug in one of the “keep looking” scenes, where a section about land sharks was supposed to be revealed but instead just came through, code and all, as plain text.

This was interesting and atmospheric! The ending hinted it might not be the end–is that just flavour text or is there more planned? :)

This is a lot of fun!

I haven’t managed to beat it yet, but I’m really enjoying the game all the same.

An innovative use of choicescript for sure! I didn’t manage to survive the apocalypse, alas.

I had a bit of a hard time getting past eating 66 cans of food in a couple of seconds, but I guess it is appropriate for the “arcade” feel. :)

From a design perspective, I had a bit of a hard time reading the text. The bright orange background was really distracting for me personally, and I didn’t like that I couldn’t override it or change my font size with the Choicescript settings menu.

This is fantastic! I love the atmosphere, the characters, the setup–all of it. Excellent.

This was fun! I definitely appreciated the map.

Dark and disturbing–well done. I noticed a few typos here and there but hey, it’s petite mort!

This was sweet and lovely and made me tear up as well. I didn’t see the ending coming but it was a great twist–excellently placed!

This was fun! I appreciated the puns and the after-game suggestions.

Ha, I feel that! :)

I loved the feel and tone of this one!

This was well done! I played through a few times and couldn’t find a way to get Maria to freedom or to figure out where the voice came from–is either possible?–but everything is suitably chilling all the same.

This was an excellent example of interactive poetry. Nicely done!

This was fun! I got three different endings–are there more? :)

All I have is a note that reversing the clock doesn’t tell you how long it takes until after you click.

Looking forward to another spooky celebration. :)

I’m stuck on a phone right now so can’t play a lot of this, but what I went through was nicely atmospheric. I noticed some wordchoice errors (for example, you nock an arrow instead of knock, and you take a breath, not a breathe) but these are very minor.

This one was a lot of twisty fun, and very impressive for under four hours!

Thankee! :D

Thanks, Joey!

This was very well done! I noticed a few small typos (there instead of their, for instance) and wish I could have had a chance to visit hidden lake ;) but no complaints here. Nice one!

It might be a settings issue! Itch seems not to like disallowing certain types of cookie… Worked fine most places, though. :)

Well made for under four hours! It wouldn’t run in Chrome for me at all, but worked fine in other browsers.

I enjoyed the writing and contemplative, somewhat sad atmosphere in this! Sometimes when entering a square with a message for the second time, I got the game text again in Spanish instead of English.

This was amusing! I especially appreciated the message I got when putting the donut on the pizza and the neural-network generated images (I think?).

As ever, an excellent descent into terrifying terror and purple prose! I especially enjoyed the Twine overlay, although sometimes I found it allowed looping in a way I don’t think you intended (e.g. when examining the mauve room, you can select the questions about wallpaper, the bed, and the drawers indefinitely if you want to). I also noticed some weirdness in Chrome in particular when starting some of the embedded parser games (singing for me), which I think has to do with privacy settings—so heads up if you are playing this and notice that! It worked fine in Firefox. The individual games, as also as ever, were great, and I really enjoyed the variety of styles this time around.

Excellent stuff!

This is impressive for a petite mort game! I think the beginning sections might have been a little creepier (for me, at least) without providing all the options for why the narrator/player ended up in the room in the first place. I also skipped the folders on my first playthrough and wasn’t sure if that affected my endgame or not. Those minor points aside, this was very well done!

This reminds me of Kingdom of Loathing in many (great) ways. Nice work in under an hour! Also, the title on the game itself is fantastic. :D

I wrote a master’s thesis on Chaucer, so this is right up my alley! This was a fun one. Some of the endings were a bit abrupt, which I occasionally found frustrating, and I couldn’t get a handle on how the stats changed (other than the obvious one of drunkenness) or how they actually affected gameplay, but those were about my only nits to pick. :)

Third-party cookies, yikes! I have turned it on and can confirm it works to play this game in incognito mode, but would highly recommend turning those third-party cookies back off again after if anyone else takes this approach!

This was fun, and especially impressive for petite mort!

I would have appreciated a content note for animal cruelty, but that’s about my only comment.

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This was a fun start! I felt like I missed any clues as to whose blood it might be, and ended up just guessing. If you add more rounds, you might look into making it less of a guessing game (or maybe it’s really obvious to everyone else and it was just me who felt this way–wouldn’t be the first time!). Also, as you say–four hours is four hours. :)

On a more minor note, I almost missed the bolded link-reveal links because they were the same colour as the regular text. Adding something other than bolding to make it clear that they’re links might help other players.

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It is an easy thing to forget! Chrome is giving me a “no valid storage adapters found” error when I try to open it in an incognito window but that could just be some weird issue with my browser.

ETA I am now almost certain it is a problem with my browser. It’s doing this for other things, too!

Strong emotional beats in this one. Nicely done, especially in under 4 hours.

I’m having trouble playing it a second time, as the itch page just loads it at the end and I can’t use an incognito window. Not sure if that is something you can fix or not.