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even way after the 7th it's not better.

next build, you mean 2.1?

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you don't need to show the furnace, just to have one built together.

things are floating around in the cave, can't imagine why, but it would suit the haunted cave image, even if it's a bug, as long as it does not mess with anything other i would let it be.

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okay now i'm your opinion... after the cave quest and a few hunting days one has enough worn fur...

but herbs are abundant (and til now i had no use for them) perhaps just change the chance for that plant fiber gras and herbs to spawn, perhaps if they spawn in about equal numbers? Or perhaps if one gets just 1 more when gaining some?

in alpha 1.0 there was a bug, bushes did not regrow eventually (was not bad though as they blocked ones sight, but without getting plant fiber was troublesome).

now (2.0) is a bug, trees and bushes respawn but one cannot interact with them, the healthbar is missing you cannot chop or kick them, but collissions seem correct.

Posted in Respawn Problem

in my opninion there is enough plant fiber but hunting for these worn furs is a pain.

Really? It will be Steam-only? Why Steam? Why not sticking with itch.io or using GOG?

I mean i'm on itch.io because i very strongly dislike Steam and i won't buy anything over them.