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Nothing here, it seems...

Quote from Unity homepage:

"Unity Webplayer – NOT SUPPORTED

The Unity Webplayer is no longer supported."

Even with that thing installed, there won't be anything for me here, other than a link to the Unity Webplayer I mean...

Correct the spelling error and make the font in the title menu stand out a bit more (perhaps a lighter shade of grey instead of the near black on black background) and i'd give you a B-, add about 10 sentences to why they are friends (it seems as if one gets to know the ones making wishes and their motivations better than undine and momo) and you'll nearing B and then it becomes harder to get a better rating as in my opnion A+ means no room for improvement anymore.

Yes, the art is really good (i don't like the overly use of superlatives that's why i don't say awesome, especially when there is room for improvement) but i didn't get that the curly things around jennies head is actually hair (until Momo mentioned it not being curly anymore), i thought maybe it's some ghostly essence or tentacles or smoke or something, but it's an entity with near unlimited power, why not. And i'm not quite sure why it seemed to me that the fairy's sprite did not fit the overall style but it's the only one i really did not like.

First of all, it's short, really short, too short, the characters have potential and are drawn nicely (backgrounds are quite nice too), but most remain shallow, the only character one gets to know a bit more is Jennie, the Wishmaster, but Undine and Momo have too less dialogue to get to know the friend and the witch. That combined with at least one spelling error (ar instead of are) and a quite hard to see title menu, makes it in my opinion a C+ (hopefully translating the 3+ from our school system [1 best possible, 4 enough to pass, 6 worst possible] correctly) only, it's all in all over average but sadly leaves way too much potential open.

Critic points: too short for character depth, at least one (i noticed in the first playthrough) minor spelling error, title menu hardly readable

Overall the characters are well drawn (there are a few pictures that are way behind the rest though, mostly while the demons introduces themself and the showdown duel) and voiced (four mp3 files seem to be missing though), the characters and texts are well written (but I would have prefered to have at least some choices, even if they would have affected only little of the story, even if it would have affected only a few sentences and reactions). Without any choices and with only one possible ending i can't say it's a game, but it's an entertaining visual novel for sure.

critic points: There were a few errors (something about missing mp3 files), some pictures are way behind the overall quality and no choices at all (at least one or two even when only affecting a few reactions would have been nice or to mention it beforehand).

Easy. Just let her explain everything.

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Saving is broken.

I can save but no savegame is created.

Sometimes buying things is broken, too. I order a bunch of stuff but get only one stack of it.

And most of the recipes are wrong (at least the made-in-part of it).

now i know what was wrong, the slider for the reactor output goes from right to left instead of the normal (and used for example for the weapons) left to right, the tutorial does not mention it when you do it wrong, numbers (at least for me) are lowest left and highest right, another indicator, that right seems to be the highest setting.

but with the now right settings one is faster, is able to rotate better and the jumps big enough to not find the station again, but that doesn't mean much as it is hard enough from just a few kilometres away, perhaps a pulsating red or green light on top and bottom would help with the latter.

6 seconds are fine, but i don't seem to get that fast about half minute (at about 100fps) is as fast as it gets for me, for such a small ship, could even be faster, but we don't want players to throw up, aren't we?

then there's only the issue with momentum and perhaps putting some use to the things one can get: the pistol doesn't work, the parts just need room but aren't needed, there is nothing damaging anything for getting fixed with the tape and oxygen isn't needed either. and it needs collissions for the ship, as i got too comfortable just standing up from the chair to loot and then sitting down again to fly away.

until now i see much potential but much to do, too.

I really liked the demo.

Wouldn't it be on Steam i would pay for it. Why do that many good games get their demo uploaded to and than the devs turn to steam for release? Question is rhetorical, on Steam there is much more money to make and much more publicity.

And wouldn't the survey be on google i would take part in it.

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sadly that is way too low, turning around is nearly impossible. but for a spacecraft it's really slow too, i estimate a bit faster than a car (EDIT: no, a bit faster than you walk), with warp jumps of a few hundred metres before the engine needs recharging, wouldn't mind if it wouldn't take minutes, but seconds to recharge. it's a bit like you expect an airplane but get a hot air balloon.

Sure rotating shouldn't be as fast as a person but for a such small ship taking hours (or at least about 15 minutes) to turn is just not enjoyable. it shouldn't be that much slower to rotate it around aother axis, at least if the one who built that ship didn't totally messed up.

Okay that rotating problem seems to be only in tutorial and storymode, in sandbox it's fine. Or at least better as you don't need to move your mouse a metre to move the crosshair/circle about a centimetre.

oh, and you shouldn't stop moving just because you aren't accelerating, there is nothing (or at least not noticable much) stopping you in space.

But it has quite some potential.

even way after the 7th it's not better.

next build, you mean 2.1?

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you don't need to show the furnace, just to have one built together.

things are floating around in the cave, can't imagine why, but it would suit the haunted cave image, even if it's a bug, as long as it does not mess with anything other i would let it be.

okay now i'm your opinion... after the cave quest and a few hunting days one has enough worn fur...

but herbs are abundant (and til now i had no use for them) perhaps just change the chance for that plant fiber gras and herbs to spawn, perhaps if they spawn in about equal numbers? Or perhaps if one gets just 1 more when gaining some?

in alpha 1.0 there was a bug, bushes did not regrow eventually (was not bad though as they blocked ones sight, but without getting plant fiber was troublesome).

now (2.0) is a bug, trees and bushes respawn but one cannot interact with them, the healthbar is missing you cannot chop or kick them, but collissions seem correct.

in my opninion there is enough plant fiber but hunting for these worn furs is a pain.

Really? It will be Steam-only? Why Steam? Why not sticking with or using GOG?

I mean i'm on because i very strongly dislike Steam and i won't buy anything over them.