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First of all, it's short, really short, too short, the characters have potential and are drawn nicely (backgrounds are quite nice too), but most remain shallow, the only character one gets to know a bit more is Jennie, the Wishmaster, but Undine and Momo have too less dialogue to get to know the friend and the witch. That combined with at least one spelling error (ar instead of are) and a quite hard to see title menu, makes it in my opinion a C+ (hopefully translating the 3+ from our school system [1 best possible, 4 enough to pass, 6 worst possible] correctly) only, it's all in all over average but sadly leaves way too much potential open.

Critic points: too short for character depth, at least one (i noticed in the first playthrough) minor spelling error, title menu hardly readable


Hi Harlekin, thanks for taking the time to play the game and give us some feedback!

Regarding the length (and that typo), yeah, I agree with you. Most of the writing was done in about the last two days of the jam and we wanted to make a finished game, so we went with a short and simple but relatively complete (plot-hole free) story. though I guess there's not much of a plot, is there oTL Would definitely have loved to explore the possibilities more, but in the end, we didn't have enough time.  bet you haven't heard that story, eh? Maybe an update, we'll see.

Cube was responsible for the awesome art! Glad to hear that you liked it. The sprites and the background went well together, if I say so myself :)


Correct the spelling error and make the font in the title menu stand out a bit more (perhaps a lighter shade of grey instead of the near black on black background) and i'd give you a B-, add about 10 sentences to why they are friends (it seems as if one gets to know the ones making wishes and their motivations better than undine and momo) and you'll nearing B and then it becomes harder to get a better rating as in my opnion A+ means no room for improvement anymore.

Yes, the art is really good (i don't like the overly use of superlatives that's why i don't say awesome, especially when there is room for improvement) but i didn't get that the curly things around jennies head is actually hair (until Momo mentioned it not being curly anymore), i thought maybe it's some ghostly essence or tentacles or smoke or something, but it's an entity with near unlimited power, why not. And i'm not quite sure why it seemed to me that the fairy's sprite did not fit the overall style but it's the only one i really did not like.