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Maximum Monster Month! (MonsterMax for short) is a month-long game jam centering on creating games that prominently feature monsters and monster-human hybrids (sometimes referred to as “demi-humans”) as characters!

Prizes & Voting

We're happy to give thanks to M.B. Saunders for providing additional prizes for Maximum Monster Month! M.B. Saunders is the creator of Angels with Scaly Wings - a unique visual novel set in a world populated by dragons. You can find out more about Angels with Scaly Wings at: 

Homepage  | Steam | Twitter | Tumblr | Facebook

There are two types of prizes: a cash prize pool and rewards! The prize money pool starts at $50, will increase by $10 per submitted entry (starting at the 6th entry; max $200), and will be split between first and second place winners (chosen by our panel of judges). 

The first place winner will also receive their choice of a hardback copy of Monster Girl Encyclopedia (created by Japanese artist Kenkou Cross), volume 1 or a deluxe edition of Angels With Scaly Wings! Teams will choose to whom the prize will be distributed, but each member will still be recognized as a winner.

A third honorary winner will be chosen by public vote based on five factors: characters, creativity, graphics, writing, and music. This winner will receive the remaining reward (game or book)!

What constitutes a “monster”?

For the purposes of this jam, a monster is any non-human creature (often of mythological or cultural origin), or a part-human hybrid of such creature. Everything from vampires and mermaids to changelings and aliens is okay; go crazy! Original concept races are fine, too!


  • The jam starts November 10th, 2017 at 6:00 AM (Eastern time) and ends on December 10th, 2017 at 11:00 PM (Eastern time).

  • Entries should focus on monsters as part of the setting/story/theme/gameplay. Humans are welcome too, though!

  • Entries may be created by teams or individuals.

  • Entries may be created in any engine of your choosing, but they must be playable on Windows for judging.

  • Entries can be of any genre; sci-fi, romance, fantasy, slice of life... whatever you like!

  • Entries must be complete and playable (polished demos are okay).

  • Entries must be new projects (meaning development starting no earlier than October 20th, 2017).
  • You may begin recruiting and planning for your project now. Please hold off from starting assets & development until November 10th.
  • This is an inclusive jam; we happily accept queer and/or otherwise non-traditional monsters!
  • Sexual / violent / unsettling content is allowed, but please label it as such.

Disclaimer: although adult content is allowed, loli / shota is not. Please do not submit anything that could be unlawful in your country of residence OR the United States.

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