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Seriously I expected more.

From what I can tell the player's interactions are irrelevant, and apart from self-loathing nothing can be seen. There is no insight to be gained (especially not into oneself) nor fun to be had, no story that's being told either, it's not even really informative, hence it is not a game (not even an educative one).

I know some creativity went into creating it and I know programming takes time, but I think You could do better. Therefore it does disappoint me and disappointment is an emotion, hence it stirs an emotion and has to be considered a work of art, maybe something like an interactive painting or a virtual statue.

Of course it is possible to start some interpretation on how the artist wanted to express something through it but tbh I believe if the artist doesn't clearly state what they meant, such an interpretation is just bullshitting. Especially if the work of art did get the artist paid and could very well just have been a means to acquire funds (something realistic artists do regularly, after all only the real idealists starve themselves for the arts). And even though bullshitting can be a decent intellectual exercise for the argumentation muscles, in the end it is for naught.