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Ah! My Girlfriend is a Demon Summoned from the Depths of Hell!View game page

The trials of a self-professed demon lord.
Submitted by Watercress (@TeamWatercress) — 16 minutes, 32 seconds before the deadline
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Ah! My Girlfriend is a Demon Summoned from the Depths of Hell!'s page


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Kinetic Visual Novel

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There are a few technical glitches and errors here and there but considering the time table for making this game, I'll just focus on commenting on my experience with this game...

Graphics may put off some people (you know what demographic I'm talking about) but once you got over it, "Ah! My Girlfriend is a Demon Summoned from the Depths of Hell!" is a very pleasant and enjoyable experience. The voiced characters really do make a whole lot of difference but Makoto's stands out as the most well fleshed out. The accent is oh... how should I say it... it just feels so natural...

For some odd reason, I can feel the MC's irritation all the way from here especially when one of the Twin Devils shows up and a mere few clicks later, another one shows up... and another... Overall I sort of knew what I'm about to get when I downloaded this game and get it I did and some more... and it's great overall... oh and, the ending is a bit abrupt... too abrupt...

Glitches aside, I love the characters and art direction. Some definitely look rushed but in general, it is a real strong entry. My complaint is that some parts kinda come out of nowhere (Bubble hiding Mami's necklace, Makoto's heel-face-turn) and some of the music needed better mastering. Not the volume levels in-game, but in that it needs more punch. It feels too echoey and thin, if that makes sense. There doesn't seem to be good bass. Those are just nicpics, though.


Hi Petalbook! Thanks for your comments!

I agree that some of the stuff you mentioned comes a little out of left field. Part of it has to do with the editing process (the necklace was originally supposed to be foreshadowed in the car ride, but the actual execution then was messier so the structure got a little muddled). Thanks for pointing those out, I'll probably get the chance to review the narrative a bit more when we do some more polishing in January. Same goes for the music mastering.


Tutty The Fruity, Project Co-Lead and Co-Concept


Overall the characters are well drawn (there are a few pictures that are way behind the rest though, mostly while the demons introduces themself and the showdown duel) and voiced (four mp3 files seem to be missing though), the characters and texts are well written (but I would have prefered to have at least some choices, even if they would have affected only little of the story, even if it would have affected only a few sentences and reactions). Without any choices and with only one possible ending i can't say it's a game, but it's an entertaining visual novel for sure.

critic points: There were a few errors (something about missing mp3 files), some pictures are way behind the overall quality and no choices at all (at least one or two even when only affecting a few reactions would have been nice or to mention it beforehand).


Hi Harlekin! Thanks for your feedback! We've put out an updated version just now addressing the errors; not every voice file managed to make our launch-day release, which is something we're planning to address following MMM.

The choice for kinetic VN this time around is mostly to play with the world and characters as a proof of concept. The original concept was to work on a dating sim, but the scope was found to be too much for a monthlong game-jam, so this VN is approached more as an Ep1 dealie to see if we like what we did with the concept. We might end up going the full dating sim route down the line, so that'll be exciting!


Tutty The Fruity, Project Co-Lead and Co-Concept