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Haha. That game me a good scare. While I knew it was gonna come out. I just didn't know how or when. Just hitting the On and Off switch in hope of timing it.  Good way you choose to scare the player. Simple and yet effective. '

Short and fun if you are after a good scare. 

Right from the start "Santa Monica By Night" screamed Vampire the Masquerade to me. One of my most memorble games I've ever played and you made your own pixelated story in the same universe!  Just awesome of you to do that. 

The style, the characters and the music brings out what made Vampire the Masquerade good. Dark and moody city, memorable enviroments.  uniqe and crazy characters with dark humor. To top all of that, music that sets the mood for the whole game. 

Loved it and BIG PLUS for multiple endings. Good game that fits in the web browser. 

PS: Played it on a Chromebook and had no problem out of the box. No settings changes from my side. 

Fun little game. Truly lives up the genre of Simulations. That annoying garage door. I think I put to much energy on that rather then the monster. So it became more frustrating rather then scary. 

Like the pixilations and the monster was simple and weirdly scary. Funny idea and concept for a short game. 

This is so awesome. Instantly this gave me nostalgic feelings back to Neverending Nightmares.

Good enviroment, awesome sound quality and fun gameplay. I like the hospital enviroment and wish the game could be a bit longer. Having that thing out there is freaky. 

Hoping you getting the time and resources to make ER into a "real game" in the future. Reading that it almost feels like this is a demo of some sort. So much potentials for a good story and fun gameplay. 

Thanks for ER and I'm looking forward what other projects you are working on. 

Truly a good horror game. The abandoned house have that chilly atmosphere to it. Dark, cold and most of of all quiet. Well in the begining at least. The work on detail here is so good. So many small things and so high detail on each on of them. 

You manage to keep the player on it's toes and still interested in what's happening in the house. This could even be a good horror movie. 

So what's the problem with Contemp? It's to short. ;)

Great job on this game.

Pet the Pup at the Party is a fun little game. It's challenging, colourful, and just overall fun to play. 

The gameplay becomes almost addictive after awhile. Just has enought of what's make the game fun to keep playing and making you wanna beat your own record. 

The puppies design are so crazy cute. Just wanna pet them.

Sort the Court is a fun little game. Simple, yet fun. Unique characters in you city with sometimes the most odd questions imaginable.

Thanks to that everything is random, replayability is a strong thing with Sort the Court. But sometimes the whole randomness of the characters do make it annoying. Mason and the Wizard came up so many times in a short time period and asked for sandwishes and evil spells.

Fun game, perfect for the webbrowser.

Onward is a beautiful game.  Feels like a chinese painting coming alive and the music fits so perfectly togehter with it. 

The game mechanic is interesting as it is frustrating. Using the light to move the shadows makes up for a good gameplay, but it feels like my keyboard won't respond when I have to many button press down at the same time. Like I wanna jump and move the light to make the shadow move. Sometimes the light move or I can't move the monk himself. 

Looking forward to the the full game in action. 

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I took a look at Elette Fragments and I'm impressed how good game you have here. I'm not the biggest fan of web based games since the earlier days of flash. But you show how good games for the web can be. Nice to see you going with HTML 5 and not Flash. Flash might still dominate the web game arena but with developers like you, it gonna change. 

Elette Fragments has a good story going for it. Strong beginning and good development during the gameplay. Fun concept for a beat em up game to see everything as a big theater and an active audience. Nice to see the workers active on the scense and all characters as cut out figures. 

I see a good game and hope you gonna continue on this story and the system. Ex more variation in music for the scenes. When it came to the battle system, I felt that the range attack were the only useful attack in the game. Escpecially when  the enemies group up against you. Maybe do something there so the other attacks becomes more useful. So I hoping for more variations of attacks and weapons as you mentions in the description. 

Awesome game and keep up with the development of these web based games. The future looks bright.

You're absolutely right. I am from Sweden. I've been in Örebro just a few times and most of them around the city center. So that castle wasn't to hard to recognise. So it was cool to see you add that into the game.

So refreshing with a good weird horror game with alot of inspiration from older horror games and tv-series. You did an amazing job with the whole visual part of the game. I especially like the whole Orebro Castle part the best. 

The controller and camera angels woke up some really horrible memories about the bad game design from back then. But that in itself had a charm that only those old games could offer. So I didn't think that someone would actually try and use that today in a game. It do make the game a bit harder when you ain't use to it anymore.  

Weird environments, good monster and hard enought puzzle makes up for a good gameplay. 

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So cool to see such a potential for a PS1 horror game. Good sound, good horror feeling, awesome monster. 

Nice to see a team up for a jam. Trevor's monster design is interesting and can fit in a Silent Hill game.  A monster in a form of one of your darkest inner secrets. 

I would like to see a longer game like this in the future. This was something different. 

I've should done my research first and notice that you were a group of students from Future Games and not seeing that from the end credit. But hey, sometimes we just miss things. Not that it is bad or anything but it feels like so many talented programmers and designers can be found at Future Games and with Echo you prove you have the talent for making games in the future. 

The choice of style for the game fits perfectly. It feels you manage to create this dream world you were going for in Mira's mind. I can see why a game like little nightmare would be a good inspiration for this.
A story that getting unfold while you moving forward, good. At first I didn't get it, but the more to the end it made it all more clear and it is a good and sad story. 
Having that shadow figure around is a cool idea for a gameplay and makes up for a interesting puzzle solving. Sure some of the problems here weren't to hard to figure out but it leaves alot of ideas how to create good puzzle for later games with a similar style and gameplay. 

Echo is a fun and amazing to look at game. Sharpen you skills and you will be able to make even more amazing games in the future. 

So nice to see a game like this. It isn't often you find these types of games except around the indie community. FMV and Point & Click isn't something that many big game developers choose to use for the whole game these days. So its nice to see your game.

Even if the game might been short, you manage to keep it interesting and enjoyable. There is so much room for more and I want more of this. It felt like it was just a small part of a bigger like. Like I just played a demo. Oh and that ending. WOW! 

The style was interesting. Dark and scary. Felt like the hostage been tortured and that something more and even worse is gonna happend. So you manage to build up suspense during the gameplay.

But of course there is tings that I didn't find as enjoyable and the biggest thing was my alternatives. They were too few. Only 2-3 times were I able to choose more then 1 option. Same with the time limit. It was like the time was too long before it was over. 

But of course that is my opinion and i like Hostage. Fun Point & Click game based on FMV which we should see more of in the world of gaming. 

A really well made horror game. The Visual is so cool to look at. The atmosphere in the game is just fitting it's theme. Dark, cold tunnels only light up with candle lights, perfect. 

The story is good. Gives you that creepy feeling the futher you get into the game and start to discover things and what is going on. The controls themselfs was a bit tricky to understand at first, but once you got use to them they are fine. 

The only probem I felt is the candels themselfs. The light from the candels didn't do much in the dark areas when you brought it with you. It felt I almost could leave it for the most part, but they are necessary for the game as you say. 

A good horror game with only 7 days of work to it. Good job. :)

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So fitting game and theme so close in on halloween. Perfect timing! I just love the whole classic movie style on the picture. Looks old and fits the environment good when it comes to monsters and old castles.

The game itself must been the hardest one yet from Dave Microwaves Games. Out of them I've played so far, this one sure is the toughest to beat. The first part of the game is the easiest. Most due to the fact that the monsters doesn't come after you as much and you can hide a bit to let them go away before you continue. But then part 2, holy sh*t! Finding these crystals seems to be easy at first. But when you realise that the whole castle changes places on the rooms everytime you get caught and have to try again. It becomes very challenging at the same time you having these monsters following you very up close. Especially Mr.D with his teleport ability.

So far Daves Microwaves Games best game so far. Challenging, tricky and adrenaline pumping. An overall awesome horror game for halloween. Everyone should try this one out if the looking for a scary and challenging game.

Nice to see a bit different take on horror. A relaxing fishing game with a few suprises. You did this one really good Nicklives. 

I enjoying the slow gameplay and fishing experience. Cute and simple graphic. Good variety of fishes to catch even if they later comes back more often. The only thing i missed was some different sound in the background. The wind does a good job, but some bird sound or something to change it up would been nice too.

I gonna try out more of you games Nick. Really like what you did with this game. 

I was after a horror game, the typical jumpscare or gore type and you delivered! This game is just to weird it becomes hilarious in a funny way.  The game offer a variety of challenges and just keeps it simple. Even if some tests seems to be impossible after a few hundred tries. 

Simple graphics, music that is short and making me wanna throw my headset out the window after a couple of minutes. Fun gameplay with the right amount of challenge to it. 

Just the right game for october month. :)

It's freaky and yet weird, which makes up for good horror game. Adding a VHS style to it makes it feel like the game could been inspired from some sort of horror movie from the 80's or so. 

Getting started isn't difficult in itself even if we don't get much more info then "find a way out".  The enemies are cool. Freaky men with bull heads on with a bell sound to indicate that they are near. 

The only problem I had with the whole thing is that they won't chase you everywhere. As soon as you step into a "safe zone" they won't follow you. Even if they looking at you. Would be nice if they stop chasing you if they can't find you anymore for a more intensive gameplay. 

Other then that, you made a good game with a cool horror element to it. Keep it up and show off your skills. 

You did it again. If people wanna play a good, short horror game with high quality to it while have alot of fun, your games are a must play. 

Floater's Cemetery still have the same Dave charm to it. Same good blocky design with a fun game play to it. The game is challenging and still fun to play even if it can be frustrating sometimes. 

Now when we are in october and closing in on halloween, Floater's Cemetery is a fun and scary game to play.

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Really cool simulator. It might look simple, but it becomes very hard later. I wouldn't like to work as a security guard at a airport if my job was like this. 

This game give the player a challenge while making you have fun. 

Lumin was very relaxing to play. Nothing in the game force the player to be quick, think fast or been put to a test. A simple, beatiful and wonderful music in a game with a good environment to experience.

Not only did you do a good game but you also created a world worth to experice and discover. For the next game, would you mind adding a little backstory to this world we experience? I would like to know more abou this place you created. 

Wonderful game!

It's been a while since I played Room 303 and I came by your page again searching for more games from you to play. If people haven't played it yet, they should give it a go. Good story and good pussels. Makes up for a weird and scary trip. 

I'm still waiting for more awesome games like this from you to play. :)

Probably one of the funniest simulators I tried in a while. The game itself seem short. I don't know if there is anything else after the meatballs or if I am the worst when it comes to feed someone food. But it makes all the things funnier.

Anyway. Great game!

Liff was a bit of a different experience. I didn't look up much information from you guys. Which might or might not been a bad thing from me. But I think it was better in a way. 

The game is so full of colours and the way you experiences this world is fun. Erase things or draw new ones is a fun feature for the game. The world is my painting and I have the brush to change it.  The puzzle's wasn't too complicated but still fun to solve. But I couldn't stop feeling sad when I make changes since the world is beautiful as you made it. I like how the world changes when you remove the darkness from the world that it trying to invade. The only thing I missed during the game was something that could tell me what happend here during the gameplay. 

You have such a amazing world here which is getting consumed by darkness so as a player I just wanna know whats going on, what happend to the people, where did this darkness come from. This just brings upp so many questions and makes the world even more interesting. 

Oh and I didn't expect the controlls were meant for a controller in mind rather then a mouse and keyboard. But the controll felt good and easy to use.  

I hope you keep making more games in the future. 

Octodad is a must play game if you wanna alot of fun. Not only is the controll unique in itself. But the game has a good story behind it. This is the funniest student project I ever played and they improved so much on everything later for the game Octodad: Dadliest Catch.  

The best part is that this student project is still free so all of us can enjoy it. Definitely a game everyone should try. 

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Telling a creepy story in this style is really cool. It feels like I watching a paper theatre during the gameplay. This is something you should continue. A horror story in this form based on chinese folklore elements is so intriguing!

You have such a talent for making good and fun games. As I mention in another post for another one of your games. You manange to keep the gamelay fun and intense. 

It's scary and fun. What more can we ask for? 

A good and well made game. You manage to keep the gameplay good and intense at some moments. Had  blast playing this and will enjoying keep coming back to it to play. 

Top class game! This didn't feel like a small Indie Game at all. Some of my thoughts when straight to games like Little Nightmare when it came to the look of the game. 

I would love to see more of games like this from you. So atmospheric and fun game mechanics. Highly recommend to play this game with a Gamepad. 

This game wasn't what I though at first. It was better!

I just couldn't stop thinking of what could possible have happend in this old ladys life. She so lonely with withoug doubt alot of demons inside. 

The game takes you into a "closed" environment where is only you and our own thoughts while the world outside keep going as always. It's mysterious and full of drama. Is this my future?

A good well written game. 

Big pixels, glitching effects, good story. This is an excellent horror game. But my favorite thing about the game is how weird everything becomes while the game progress. 

Fun, scary and just weird. That is how a horror game like this should be.

Thirteen & Half Cats has a nice combination of adventure, light puzzle and wonderful music. The game is relaxing to play, nothing stressful about and instead has a good written story to it with a cool twist forward the end. 

The story keeps you in the game while the cats makes it more interesting to find them all. So there gameplay is good. 

Great narrative, amazing flow through out the game. The game always keep you wondering what's going on. The game might be short, but is well made in both storytelling and gameplay.  

I enjoy playing these well made games and Jordan. You are among my favorite indie developers. 

Knowing that someone is inside there and looking for you is creepy and bone-chilling. You manage to make the player feel insecure and on his/her toes during the gameplay. When Alex calls, you don't want to push that wrong button and answering that phone in fear you won't know where hes at. 

I'm looking forward to your upcoming games. Never stop developing. 

I had a blast playing this. You manage to make it feel mysterious and hilarious at the same time. To combine horror with modern technoligy mix with comedy is brilliant. 

Hope you guys keep up this development and keep on developing more games for the future. 

A horror game with a VHS style to it. 98DEMAKE, you are awesome! You managed to capture the atmosphere with the entire VHS recording. It feels dark, stuffy and crazy.

The sounds made much of the game and the only thing I missed was the option to explore more. I wanted to know what those trail led to there later in into the game. 

Even if the game might been short, it was totally worth playing it. 

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Intertwined is such a well made game. Interesting gameplay, good music choice and wonderful looking. You can feel the high quality of this game and I'm sure we'll can see more good games from this group. 

As a parkour game its good. The controls or at least with a xbox controller, feels a bit stiff at times, but isn't something that will ruin the gameplay. The changes in the world while running forward is a nice touch and makes it more beautiful to look at. It's well made games like these that makes me wish they weren't so short. 

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Coffee Gets You There is one funny "simulator". I can't say I had the same problem when I am going to work and need coffee to get me there. But you have now showed me how it can be if I would have a very bad morning. ;)

Too bad it was short. It was a bit of a challenge at first and would be great to see more from you in the future. 

You sure didn't give away to much info about the game and still you manage to catch our attentions. 

Sure there are minor things I would want in a future update if you ever did. But I hope you still gonna make games like this. Good design, good music and overall fantastic job on the environment and characters. Makes me wanna see more of this in the future.