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So fitting game and theme so close in on halloween. Perfect timing! I just love the whole classic movie style on the picture. Looks old and fits the environment good when it comes to monsters and old castles.

The game itself must been the hardest one yet from Dave Microwaves Games. Out of them I've played so far, this one sure is the toughest to beat. The first part of the game is the easiest. Most due to the fact that the monsters doesn't come after you as much and you can hide a bit to let them go away before you continue. But then part 2, holy sh*t! Finding these crystals seems to be easy at first. But when you realise that the whole castle changes places on the rooms everytime you get caught and have to try again. It becomes very challenging at the same time you having these monsters following you very up close. Especially Mr.D with his teleport ability.

So far Daves Microwaves Games best game so far. Challenging, tricky and adrenaline pumping. An overall awesome horror game for halloween. Everyone should try this one out if the looking for a scary and challenging game.