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Liff was a bit of a different experience. I didn't look up much information from you guys. Which might or might not been a bad thing from me. But I think it was better in a way. 

The game is so full of colours and the way you experiences this world is fun. Erase things or draw new ones is a fun feature for the game. The world is my painting and I have the brush to change it.  The puzzle's wasn't too complicated but still fun to solve. But I couldn't stop feeling sad when I make changes since the world is beautiful as you made it. I like how the world changes when you remove the darkness from the world that it trying to invade. The only thing I missed during the game was something that could tell me what happend here during the gameplay. 

You have such a amazing world here which is getting consumed by darkness so as a player I just wanna know whats going on, what happend to the people, where did this darkness come from. This just brings upp so many questions and makes the world even more interesting. 

Oh and I didn't expect the controlls were meant for a controller in mind rather then a mouse and keyboard. But the controll felt good and easy to use.  

I hope you keep making more games in the future.