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So nice to see a game like this. It isn't often you find these types of games except around the indie community. FMV and Point & Click isn't something that many big game developers choose to use for the whole game these days. So its nice to see your game.

Even if the game might been short, you manage to keep it interesting and enjoyable. There is so much room for more and I want more of this. It felt like it was just a small part of a bigger like. Like I just played a demo. Oh and that ending. WOW! 

The style was interesting. Dark and scary. Felt like the hostage been tortured and that something more and even worse is gonna happend. So you manage to build up suspense during the gameplay.

But of course there is tings that I didn't find as enjoyable and the biggest thing was my alternatives. They were too few. Only 2-3 times were I able to choose more then 1 option. Same with the time limit. It was like the time was too long before it was over. 

But of course that is my opinion and i like Hostage. Fun Point & Click game based on FMV which we should see more of in the world of gaming.