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This is so awesome. Instantly this gave me nostalgic feelings back to Neverending Nightmares.

Good enviroment, awesome sound quality and fun gameplay. I like the hospital enviroment and wish the game could be a bit longer. Having that thing out there is freaky. 

Hoping you getting the time and resources to make ER into a "real game" in the future. Reading that it almost feels like this is a demo of some sort. So much potentials for a good story and fun gameplay. 

Thanks for ER and I'm looking forward what other projects you are working on. 

We have never played Neverending Nightmares, but we have seen it before. It have some great artwork

We have been doing some small tests for the "real" game. For example, we have worked on how we can use the camera to create a more creepy atmosphere.

Thanks for all your feedback. It helps to watch and hear you play the game.