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Hi queenfaith. Thanks. Always nice to see you back playing one of our games. :)

Thanks. :) It was fun to make this strange demo for Anglerfish.

Glad you liked our little open-world horror. :)

He is everywhere!

No. But what you say makes some sense. The game takes place in the world of Anglerfish, which is a game that will be released later this year. Manly have played the demo for that game. He has also played our The ER: Patient Typhon, which is the hospital you refer to.

We are glad that you had a good experience. Always good to hear when our game have found its way to the right people. :) 
We hope you also wrote a Steam review so that a few more can have the same experience as you.

Good to you playing another one of our games. :)

Thanks. :)
If you do not already know, we've turned this little game game into a big game with better everything and released it on Steam. It's called The ER: Patient Typhon.

Thanks for the feedback. :)


Always good  to see you. Thanks for playing. :)

We never knew you could get his number in the demo here?! Sometimes games have their own lives! Thanks for playing. :)

Glad you enjoyed. :)

Thanks. ;)

All the numbers ?! That is impressive!

Thanks! :)

There is more than one ending. There is actually an ending we have not seen anyone get. :o

It's just how Danish gnomes and guinea pigs live in Denmark. Thanks for an entertaining and nice message. :)

Thank you. :)

Damn. You found the secret ending where the dog pets you?! We did not think anyone would find it! Thanks for trying our game and for sharing your video with us.

Thanks. ;)

The game only saves when you die. Every time you die, something changes. Every change is based on where and how you died. Go on an epic adventure only equipped with your trusted shotgun, your wit and your strong stomach for disturbing exploration. Can you survive a night at the bar, Anglerfish?

Thanks. :)

Thanks for sharing! :)

Yes, it's out on Steam. An extra free story DLC has already been released and another free story DLC is coming soon.

Thanks for playing. We can see you found a bug we missed. So, that is something we have to fix.

Thanks! :)

We are glad you enjoyed the game and thanks for sharing. :)

A fun wee video to watch! :)

Hi Stella Abbasi 

Always nice hearing from you. Glad you overall like the game. 

We have been trying several times to recreate the squirrel bug you had, but so far, we can’t. Which makes it really hard to fix. You are definitely right that it would have been better if a sign had popped up when you press ESC, asking if you are sure you want to quit the game so you do not quit by accident. If we find some extra time, we will see if we can’t get that in the game. (We're pretty busy with our new game Anglerfish and finishing DLC 2 for The ER: Patient Typhon.) At least we will be more aware of this in our next game. 

If you still want to see the skull secret and the safe, then maybe check out Cheshire Jack’s video:
02:34:50 - He starts playing the game. 03:01:40 - He opens the safe.

Thanks for playing and giving feedback!
- John & Maria

Thank you. :) And Thanks for sharing your video!

You can also control with the arrow keys, do not know if it solves your problem?

Thanks for playing! :)

Glad you enjoyed our little game. :) 

Thanks! :)

Gamemaker Studio 2

Is it the program we programmed the game in, the graphics program we used or the audio program you would like to know?

We are glad to hear. Thanks for sharing your video with us.

The game will launch first on Steam.

We hope you will have a nice day.
- John & Maria 

Nice. We would appreciate it if you sent us a link when you have your video up so we can watch it. :)


Gamemaker Studio 2.

Have you tried the demo for The ER: Patient Typhon?