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So refreshing with a good weird horror game with alot of inspiration from older horror games and tv-series. You did an amazing job with the whole visual part of the game. I especially like the whole Orebro Castle part the best. 

The controller and camera angels woke up some really horrible memories about the bad game design from back then. But that in itself had a charm that only those old games could offer. So I didn't think that someone would actually try and use that today in a game. It do make the game a bit harder when you ain't use to it anymore.  

Weird environments, good monster and hard enought puzzle makes up for a good gameplay. 

Thanks for playing, and also for the critique :D

P.s. You're from Sweden right? You seemed to recognize Örebro Castle pretty well :)


You're absolutely right. I am from Sweden. I've been in Örebro just a few times and most of them around the city center. So that castle wasn't to hard to recognise. So it was cool to see you add that into the game.