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Hi Alessandro. Tried out your game and to keep it short. I enjoyed it.

The graphical style of choice is just so good for horror games and all the small things around the house makes it feel more alive. Like that you can interact with stuff in the house, pick them up and examine them. These types of jumpscares are to expect if you have played alot  of horror games before but you manage to keep up the tention while walking around the house adding the fact that you using the sound effects in a good way here.

But since its a demo there is always a few things to improve with time. The sounds effects need some triming. Both the rocking chair and tv static sound could been heard from a bit futher distance. When they are in use they are effective. Someone walking upstairs, which sounded like new sports shoes in a sportshall was just funny. Really takes you off guard. Might not been the best sound in a horror game, but funny as hell when I'm thinking about it afterward. Oh and the magazines needs a backside. Interesting with that transparent look otherwise.

Great job with Conformity. I see potential, not only with this game but for you in this genre of game development.

Thank you Hamlic for the feedback! I was also helped by the short length of the demo, building tension in a short time is easier. 

I definitely had to fix the sound trim, the problem was that if you heard them from too far, sometimes it can ruin the atmosphere (an example of an issue: when you enter for the first time in the house, the door closes and there I want that only the sound of the clock can be heard. I had issues with the audio chair from outside, so I decided to be less conservative regarding the audio cut-off).