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Thanks for playing Conformity! Great review! :D

Thank you for playing it! I'm glad that the high difficulty of the game was appreciated. Confirming that it is a Souls-Borne child makes me very happy! :D

Thank you so much for playing the game! I agree with you about the cat interaction, it would have been nice to include it, but due to time constraints I wouldn't have been able to put it in this prototype anyway. I'm also glad you enjoyed the story.

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Thanks! For now it is only a prototype for PC, no plans for a full release or any porting to other platforms.

Thanks for the vote, you are too kind! :D

Thank you for playing the demo and for sharing the video! :)

Thank you! :D

Thank you for playing the demo! :D

Yeah, I was also hoping to make it longer, it was not easy to make a quick prototype of this story (there were more characters in the original story that I had to cut in this prototype). Thank you for playing the demo! :D

Thank you for the video! Of course, as soon as I can I'll take a look at the video, I'm always curious to see the gameplay of other players :)

Thanks for the comment! I'm sorry if the jumpscare sound was too loud, I'll pay more attention to the volume next time :)

Great, thanks for sharing the video, if I find some time this week I'll give it a look!

Thanks for the video! :)

Quite complicated for the web version, I had thought about it but not having a lot of time I didn't make it in time :|

Thank you for playing the demo! :D

Thanks Levont for the video! I was very pleased with the feedbacks at the end of the video :)

Thank you! I am glad you appreciated it, I agree with you about the cutscene text.

You're right, I hadn't thought about it, thank you for the suggestion! And for the gameplay video! :D

Thanks for playing it and for the video! :)
The fact that the area is small enough helped to make it not too heavy to play on any configuration.

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Thanks for the feedback, it's not really a game but a demo in which I wanted to experiment with making a horror (it's my first time approaching this genre), all the assets and templates I used are written above in the credits.

Thanks for playing it!

Hi XxMelodicaxX, thank you for the video, I really enjoyed seeing you play it and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I am sorry to know that you experiences slowdowns, are you trying the web version? Try to download the game instead, it is usually faster than playing on the browser. 

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Thank you! Play and share some feedback if you can! :D

Hi idilsila13, I am sorry you had issue with the game. Can you extract the zip. folder? Did you open CloseCombatSwordsman.exe? Can you meet the Minimum system requirements ( the one you find in the description )? Let me know :)

Thanks SoundDriver! :D

Hi konakuma, sorry for the late reply! Try a different web browser (I tested with Google Chrome and currently it is working).

"when I click launch", make sure you click the Download button.

Thank you for playing! I enjoyed your playthrough :D Sorry about the flashlight bug, but I am glad you still continued playing through the end!

Thanks! Check also my other demos on my profile! :D

Thanks Reaction Zero, I am glad you enjoyed the demo! :D

First you need to aim pressing the Mouse Right button, then you can shoot with the Mouse Left button. The other controls are in the game description :)

Hi Ekim, thanks for playing! I am sorry for the blurry, which is probably a wrong filter setup I applied to the character texture. 

Thanks for the video and your feedbacks! :D

Thank you BunnyTClub for playing! I like hardcore games and I wanted to add a bit of challenge on my prototype as well :D

Merci d'avoir jouer le jeu! :D

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At the moment there is not any plan to release a final game, but technically all these assets could be use in the final version.

Thank you Arkrium for playing the demo! No, I removed the healing, the demo is short and I think it would make the game far too easy if you could heal.

Thank you Jon404 for your feedback! I agree with adding more animations, it is something that I should have done :)

Thank you Hallowynd for your video! I really enjoyed wathing you playing it! :D 

I am really glad that the game is so optimized for everyone!

I am huge fan of From Software and I couldn't resist not making a prototype inspired by their games! Thanks for playing! :D