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Mmm, maybe there is a bit of mouse acceleration, some players noticed it too much. Just in case, did you try the WebGL version? If you played on your browser, try to download the PC version, maybe there is some input lag due to low fps :D

Thank you StepVibes! I really enjoyed your video :D 

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Hi gutsmangbs! Wow, best review ever! :D

Yes, the WebGL version is not really optimized, time constraints!

The animation with the hero picking up the weapon is very feasible, something that I wanted to add was an audio/UI feedback of what you just picked, instead of the text appering on top of the chest.

The second part of the Level1 was re-worked after the first version of the game, but I missed some spot like the ghost wall!

I need to fix the mouse response, because you are not the first one saying about the mouse response.

I also don't like the area loading in from of me, ahah :P Because I needed to finish the demo for a given day, I just chose to fix the blocking bug and leave the visual problems. Even adding a new wall to hide was not really possible with the given time constraints! :(

I tried to add the stamina for the running, but it was a pain everytime waiting the stamina to refill, was a continuos run-walk, run-walk.

One of the main reasons why I am posting prototypes on itchio was to get feedback :D

Unfortunately I do not know if there will be a next update of the game, currently this update was made as a vertical slice demo to be seen by various publisher. Only if I find a publisher interested in marketing the game, you will see again the game, not on itchio  but on Steam/Epic/GoG etc. 

Thank you again for your feedbacks! :D

You are right, the game needs more optimizations. It will be fixed when the full game will be released (hopefully if I will find a publisher!) Anyway thank you for trying the game :D

Ahah, I am still having some spare time to reply, I hope the same in the future! :D

Next week I will update the game with new content and a new level, adding the run button!

Obrigado! :D

Ahah, I hope to release it as soon as possible! :D

No run in this demo at the moment  :(

Thank you for playing  :)

I do not think I will have enough time for an Option menu, sorry :(

Hi spancore, yeah, in the next update of January there will be the Run button, and more variety from gameplay to areas, in case I am uploding videos from the next update. Thank you for playing! ;)

Thank you for the gameplay video :D

Next update will come very soon! ;)

The GIF is without color correction, I always thought it was MUCH worse! Thank you  for playing! :D

I will re-add all the content that I cut for various issues, like  the "famous" sprint button and more variety  on the gameplay (different weapons, different enemies, various items etc.) Thank you for playing! ;)

Thank you for playing! ;)

GrynchGaming thanks for playing! I am glad that you liked it, these days I am working on it, I am adding some of the stuff that I cut for not having enough time (a couple of new areas, new weapons, AI improvements and the ability to sprint to say a few).  I need to send the final prototype to the publisher, but I will upload the new version anyway on itchio.

SaucyYasser thanks for playing! :D

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I saw a lot of you guys expected to drink that bottles, I will try to put them in the game as potions/health beer! ;)

The sprint was cut on the last day of the development, there were some issues with the gameplay and the level design, so in the gif you could see the run animation and in the game a green bar on top of the screen. Thank you for the whishes! :D

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Thanks CoalFire for playing! Yes, there were some issues during the development (a change from an RPG to a shooter genre, that stripped away a lot of content). Next month I will update the game with new content, it will be the wip that will be send to the publisher.

Thanks for playing! I still need to realize how you found that glitch of the missing floor at the end of the game! 

Thanks Jay! Unfortunatelly the game was short but I intend to update the prototype with new content. The game had some issues that required my to remove the sprint button, but I will definitely fix that. 

I need to investigate on that bug, it seems quite random. The web version lacks of optimization, the heavy parts are the dynamic lights which I fixed partially (the sudden "blink" at the end of the corridor because I loaded synchronously lights of the next area).
Actually I wanted the player to be able to drive a car at the beginning, inspiration was from Cyberpunk 2077 demo, I will try to add it in the next game update.

Thank you very much gutsmangbs for the feedback list! 
I was thinking to have the camera more distant to the character when you are not aiming, and fix collisions with the enviroment.  I wanted also to put a rifle in the second scene, but I had to discard it, I will put it in the next iteration of the prototype.I was worried about the level design, I could not make any playtesting with others, glad you did not have any issue with it.
It would be great having feedbacks from you on the next update! :D

This wip is having good feedbacks for the atmosphere, so probably I will continue the development. Thank you for the video! ๐Ÿ˜€

Ahah, I will be careful! Thanks for the video! ;)

I wanted to replace the laser with a cross-aim, I think most of the problem is caused by that, but now that you are mentioning it; the camera could be offsetted wrong. That would fix also situations on the short range. 

Thank you for the feedback! ๐Ÿ˜€

I did not optimize the Web version as I would like, but I also wanted to avoid to download the game to play with it. 

I tried to guide the player adding lights spot, probably not having a Run button is something bad if the player doesn't know where to go.

Also in not having a run button does not bring advantages between aim mode and not.

Adding a recoil would be nice, but an handicap that I would avoid at the beginning of a game.

In having a menu is definitely a go-to expecially for a prototype, is "Hellblade" from Ninja Theory a less enjoyable game because it does not have a menu? 

Thank you Mika for the feedback! ๐Ÿ˜€

The loading is at least 2 minutes on a 7M ADSL, there are a lot of assets to be load. Try to download the Windows version.

Thank you! I am glad you liked it :D

Hi Veugenea, thank you very! Currently this game is just a prototype, in case I will find a publisher interested I would consider your proposal! If you visit my Itchio profile, you can send me an email or add me on Facebook or Twitter.

I apologize, I was rushing to finish the prototype and I forgot to mention it! I will provide to add a mention immediately. Thank you nsobject :)

Thank you vnitti for the Taiga: Asset Pack, it really helped me to express my vision for a prototype I made:

I hope you will enojoy it!

Thank you rvros for your fantastic hero, I really think that it can compete with other commercial games. 

I made a prototype with your character:, I hope  you will like it!

Thank you! Yes, I could had add it, but I didn't have ready an animation for an attack in air, so I said "ok, I will do it later" but at the end I realised that I did not had enough time :p

The original introduction was cut for lack of time, it was supposed to showing the hero traveling towards different environments (on a boat, walking on the snow and during a storm). I wanted to include at least a bit of travel at the beginning, but at the current status it was went well. For the sprites I think I should had set the sprite resolution to 16x16 to solve resolution problems + some Z-fighting and dynamic lights issues. Thank you for the encoragements :)

Absolutely agree with you, I recognize the problems you are mentioning. I think making it an action game, where the controls has problems and the mechanics are too linear and basic, is something that does not work. In 16 hours available for the game, I thought that the atmospheren, art and music could "hide" in a sense these issues you are mentioning. Knowing that the prototype has potentials is something that I could consider when I need to decide which game I will continue to develop. Thank you for your feedback! :)

For the skeleton I should had used a poligon instead of a box collided to fix the wrong shadow contacts (as I did for the hero). The controls are not very responsive, it would be very time consuming (coding and tuning side) to get it right, for this prototype there was not much time, something that I will work on.