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Thanks for playing it and for the video! :)
The fact that the area is small enough helped to make it not too heavy to play on any configuration.

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Thanks for the feedback, it's not really a game but a demo in which I wanted to experiment with making a horror (it's my first time approaching this genre), all the assets and templates I used are written above in the credits.

Thanks for playing it!

Hi XxMelodicaxX, thank you for the video, I really enjoyed seeing you play it and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I am sorry to know that you experiences slowdowns, are you trying the web version? Try to download the game instead, it is usually faster than playing on the browser. 

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Thank you! Play and share some feedback if you can! :D

Hi idilsila13, I am sorry you had issue with the game. Can you extract the zip. folder? Did you open CloseCombatSwordsman.exe? Can you meet the Minimum system requirements ( the one you find in the description )? Let me know :)

Thanks SoundDriver! :D

Hi konakuma, sorry for the late reply! Try a different web browser (I tested with Google Chrome and currently it is working).

"when I click launch", make sure you click the Download button.

Thank you for playing! I enjoyed your playthrough :D Sorry about the flashlight bug, but I am glad you still continued playing through the end!

Thanks! Check also my other demos on my profile! :D

Thanks Reaction Zero, I am glad you enjoyed the demo! :D

First you need to aim pressing the Mouse Right button, then you can shoot with the Mouse Left button. The other controls are in the game description :)

Hi Ekim, thanks for playing! I am sorry for the blurry, which is probably a wrong filter setup I applied to the character texture. 

Thanks for the video and your feedbacks! :D

Thank you BunnyTClub for playing! I like hardcore games and I wanted to add a bit of challenge on my prototype as well :D

Merci d'avoir jouer le jeu! :D

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At the moment there is not any plan to release a final game, but technically all these assets could be use in the final version.

Thank you Arkrium for playing the demo! No, I removed the healing, the demo is short and I think it would make the game far too easy if you could heal.

Thank you Jon404 for your feedback! I agree with adding more animations, it is something that I should have done :)

Thank you Hallowynd for your video! I really enjoyed wathing you playing it! :D 

I am really glad that the game is so optimized for everyone!

I am huge fan of From Software and I couldn't resist not making a prototype inspired by their games! Thanks for playing! :D

I am sorry that you found that bug (passing through the wall), doing so you skipped all the other area of the game :( 

Thank you for playing and for your feedback :D

Thank you ButtonBashBros! Bloodborne was of inspiration from me after playing the game. I am glad it ran well! :D

Thank you LazygamezIta, I am glad that you like it! :D

No charges, it is the same attack, same speed and hit damage (if I understood your question!).

Unfortunately Windows only!

Thank you! :D

Thank you Nicolas! I still have to read it all, but I can see that you deal the subject with great professionality. If I will have some spare time, I would be glad to join your community! :D

Hi katanalevy, thank you for you feedbacks! They are really appreciated!

Most of the inspiration came after playing Bloodborne, the assets will be replaced if I have to release the game, I can iterate more (gameplay, feeling, etc.) using assets taken from the store.

The fog was really a performance hit, I optimized a but the shader, the fog is a less bit pretty but performance gained form 30fps to 1-2fps.

For the sound I admit that I had to put more effort, one of the aspect of many of my demos.

I really liked the Bloodborne trailer and I was too temped to try it as a prototype trailer, I admit that probably I will have to change it or do differently in the next demo trailer. 

I agree with you, the controller support is something that I really wanted in, unfortunately I couldn't add it in time, no future plans for this prototype at the moment :(

Thank you Eddie-Gluskin for appreciating the game!

I hope to develop it further beyond the prototype phase, positive feedbacks like yours do a lot in making it true, and for sure it will have different weapons and a better roll mechanic! :D

I am sorry to hear that :(

Unfortunately the minimum system requirements are quite high, I put them in the description just to let people know it in advance.

Thanks for playing! Si, sono italiano! :D

Thank you BubbleKnight for your video! I enjoyed your playthrough. The block has a bug, I forgot to unbind the button to the block command in the final demo build :(

Thank you so much for the detail review! I really appreciate it!

I must say that I agree with all the negative points, most pf them for a tuning problem which I clearly understimated, as the camera and the movement recovery from the attack animation. 

I did not experience it myself, but it is possible there is an issue with the hitbox activation.

The combat states was just a toggle between "combat" and "free movement" mode. I know, it is super ugly (it should be activated only when you targeting an enemy) and I should had replaced that.

Thank you for asking but I am still quite busy with my projects. Good luck with your MMO! :D

Thank you for your feedback! :D

The combat mechanics is intended to be 1 vs 1, space management is important to fight groups of enemies.

I wanted to make the difficulty a bit harder, so no AoE attacks and the attacks are slow. The player needs to learn the enemy attack animation to understand when you can still attack or roll to avoid in incoming attack (your attack animation is 15 frames, while the enemy is 30, so you have still a margin of error). 

I think the music could destroy the general feeling (being lonely in a dangerous place) and personally I found annoying to listen the same music over and over again, but that can be a matter of taste.

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Play Rotten Parasite on:

Rotten Parasite is a third-person action game, focused on high level of difficulty combat and exploring an atmospheric environment.

The game takes place in a ruined castel located in Eastern Europe. Over the years, many travelers journey to the castle with the reason to drink what is known as Dimitri's Wine. The place now is plagued with an illness, called Blood Parasite, that transformed most of its citizens into dangerous creatures, with the distinguishing mark of rotten flesh.
The player is The Doctor, who specializes in finding and destroying parasites, which travels to the ruined castle to combat the creatures and exterminate the source of the illness.



Thank you and I enjoyed watching you play! :D

Unfortnately the web version is not highly optimized! On some machine works fine, but I couldn't test it on chromebooks, sorry! :(