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Eyo, thanks for linking to a presskit! That's handy. I mean, not for me, but I'm sure it's handy for someone else! And you know, you gotta appreciate these little things which people do to make life a bit easier, right? Thanks for that!

Oh, and the game is very good too, of course! Goes without saying.

Eyo, good stuff. Seeing gay fanart for a relatively obscure 90’s platformer sure throws me for a loop, but these are some of the warmest, fuzziest drawings I've seen, so I'm not complaining.

I’d only heard of Another World in passing around eight or nine years ago, when my father would mention it and show me clips. I've never looked into it further until this (lucky?) coincidence, when your art instantly made the memory resurface . It’s only 10 euro on Steam, so I should just give it a shot already.

Also, getting Chachi to approve this is some next level stuff. I genuinely chuckled when I saw that note in the description. That's so cool!

Looks fantastic!

Cool little game! I'm a huge fan of short, surreal experiences where you wonder around vast landscapes, and this managed to scratch that itch for me. There were a few things that didn't really sit well with me, however.

Making a direct comparison to NaissanceE may be a bit reductive, but this feels like the desert section from that game if it was much larger and there was a dust-storm constantly obscuring your vision and killing you. There is very little indication of which areas are safe; sometimes buildings protect you, sometimes they don't. I tried following a trail of rocks, that kept me safe, until it didn't. I'm not inherently against the idea of there being a storm, but if it's difficult to make out where you're supposed to go next, being punished with death for exploring randomly or trying to get a better vantage point feels doubly frustrating.

Also, I didn't know the game could be saved manually from the pause menu, so I got sent back to the very beginning a few times. I know that is mostly my own fault, but autosaves whenever you activate a new record player could be nice.