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Glad it worked out!

Glad you're enjoying the game!

All settings/unlockables get stored in a file in your home directory:  


You'll need to create a directory called ".prefs" in your new laptop's home directory, and from there you should just be able to copy the "rs_data" file over.

More info:

Let us know if you need any other help transferring it over!

Absolutely fantastic.  so much polish and attention to detail for how little time you had.  And you took a simple idea and expanded it into so much variety.  Controls are good, presentation is great, game feel is wonderful.  5/5, I'm very impressed!

Still can't get over how all the machinery and the statues in the background light up when you split.  Such a cool visual detail for such a quickly-made game!

10/10 for putting in checkpoints, that's a really great detail, and one lots of people don't get around to during jams.  This is a cool entry.  I've seen a handful of entries with chains, but this one stood out among those.  The presentation was nice, and the atmosphere of this game is really, really good.  Great music choice to go with the theme and visuals. 

My only critique is I wish the characters were slightly less slidey, especially since the some of the platforming requires a decent amount of precision.

great entry, I enjoyed this one!

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This is great!  Really neat little game.  I always love games that get creative with constraints (single-button controls, in your case).  And the gameplay/movement felt smooth, and had depth, despite the simplicity.  Cool use of the theme. Loved the cute art, too.  Great entry!

Oh yeah, that makes sense. Either way, this was a fantastic, impressive entry. I really enjoyed my time with it, and thought it was a great, original idea!

Oh yeah, that totally makes sense. We put a “skip level” button in our game for the exact same reason, we wanted people to be able to see the whole game. good call. Great job, again, this is a super impressive entry!

Cool concept, and the enemy art design reminded me a little of Hollow Knight.  Controls and collisions were a little finicky and hard to get used to, but overall great work for a 48-hr jam!

Very original, really cohesive art style.  The controls were good, and the game mechanics were really unique, very different from most of the other entries I've seen.  I how organic the rain-dance feels as a game mechanic.  And I loved how there were alternate endings depending on how you play.  Really cool concept! 

I wish the pushing-clouds controls were a little less finicky.  Sometimes I had a hard time getting them where I wanted them, and couldn't really tell why. 

overall fantastic job, well done!

Yeah I had the same issue!  Not sure why I could break the other walls with the armadillo, but not this one.

I love the idea, and the way you combine the animals!  The dynamic music was a really nice touch, and I know that can be hard to do.  Very nice work. 

The controls are a little janky, but I love the idea of using the skull to solve puzzles and enable combat.  That's a fun core idea that could definitely be expounded on with a little more polish and more content.  Well done!

Music and presentation were great!  And I loved the theme/concept.  Very well done!

Very fun, original concept! I love the core idea of combining characters to get new/better abilities (double-jump in this game's case).  You could have lots of depth with that

The magpie character art was 10/10, and I really wish the rest of the game was drawn the same way, as opposed to having the pixellated background. Also I wish there were some kind of UI to help me tell which magpie was which, because I lost track after joining

The controls were a little slippery, but once I got used to them I could move around.

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the amount of polish is 10/10.  Really cohesive visual/audio style, great physics, very nice to play.  Well done!

I wish there were some kind of lose condition. Maybe like a meter that goes down whenever you miss notes or hit the wrong colors, and cuts the song short if it drops to 0.  That would've gotten me more involved in the gameplay and made me want to keep trying again and again to hit higher scores, or "beat" the song.

overall very well done for a 48 hour game!  Very impressive

Really happy to see a strategy/economy game in the jam.  Very original!

I like this concept, and think it could be expanded to a full game for sure. Nice work!

This is a fun concept.  Grapple-hooking is a fun way to get around in games, generally.  

I wish there were some offscreen warning for when spikes were going to fall, or some amount of control that the player had over the swinging motion.  Often I felt like I couldn't predict where hazards were, and had no way to play around them. So I had to just take the hit and start at the very beginning of the level

There's so much I love about this game.  The concept introduces such a great set of constraints for a puzzle game.  The theme is utilized in multiple ways (head and body connection, connecting the wires with the buttons, etc.).  The art and music make the game feel complete.  But most of all I love the element of exploration.  This is the first game I've rated where you have an actual space with multiple rooms/screens to explore and interact with, as opposed to having individual levels. Incredibly well done, 5/5.

This game has tons of depth! I really loved the simplicity of the mechanics, and how you explored them so thoroughly with all the levels.  Really excellent work. I could definitely see this being made into a full game, would be excellent on mobile.

Fun idea, and I liked the cat art/theme.  I wish the camera would follow a little further behind, or zoom out as the characters separate.  I got stuck a lot because the camera was too close and I couldn't see one of the two characters.

Also I think it could be fun if there were another way to lose besides breaking the link for 5 seconds.  Maybe some kind of timer to complete the level? Or maybe a level designed in a way where you *have* to separate the characters in order to progress, so you end up doing it very quickly to avoid losing.  It just felt a little too easy to keep them linked.

It's super ambitious to do 3d like this in 48 hours, so mad props for that! Well done!

This was a lot of fun! It's like the platformer version of our puzzle game :D 

I liked the mechanics and controls, the platforming was good, and the game felt very polished for a 48 hour jam game.  Well done!

Nice puzzles, great original concept.  I wish for some of the levels there had been less fish, that could be a really fun constraint that would make the level design feel even leaner.  Great work!

I like this simple take on the theme.  I think this could be expanded into a really fun arcade-style game where you get combos and score multipliers for breaking multiple blocks apart with one move.  Great work!

So good! I loved the idea and the presentation was 11/10.  Really funny

Absolutely fantastic.  I had to think hard about every move.  Very simple, but lots of depth.  Great work!

This is fantastic! I love that there are different types of snake segments with different abilities.  Very functional game for only 48 hours.  Also I really love the controls, simple and engaging.  Very nice work!

Nice little platformer!  I really like the concept of switching between two overlapping worlds.  I would love to see this mechanic explored more.  Great work!

I love this idea! I think it could be a fantastic tabletop game, too.  Very unique concept as a video game,  and ambitious for a jam.  Nice work.

I like the paper aesthetic, reminds me a lot of games I used to play as a kid.  I also really love the restriction of only have 5 lines at a time, that made for some interesting/frantic gameplay.  Also it felt really cool to get two spiders with one line, that was a fun little mechanic.  Nice work!