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Georg Mir

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thank you!

This would be great!

Excellently crafted from the ground up, Mnemonic delivers an intense experience and does it looking gorgeous.

The best thing about it though, is that you can run Mnemonic in your regular campaigns of other games. Think of it like a minigame that delivers a memorable experience, whenever your party needs to acquire a thing.

Check it out!

Thank you!!

I'm inviting you to share your opinions: does a 5 Torment Limit constrain your games too much? Would you rather increase it up to 9? Akin to 9 Lives of the cat?

What about 1w6 + 3 rolled secretly by the GM? Does that tension add something to the mix?

I’m really curious about your characters! Also what Player card would you choose?

I’m Pink Salamander, Wolf Scoundrel 

this is art. I really like that new term “lyric” because it’s almost like a spell in and of itself. thank you for this. I really would like to rate this, but I don’t yet know how. It eludes me, but I’ll get there, and it will be five stars easily.