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Community Copies are a great way to deal with situations like this. I hope there will be more coming soon. I have a direct way of collecting CC donations over on my kofi, maybe Zak can make something similar possible as well? (So 10$+ for a CC)

Oh, the Mac version doesn't work on my M1 based machine? Can't open the application? And I'm not talking about the security behavior; it simply gives me the feedback that it's not a valid app.

Thank you my friend!

Hey, checking in on you! How has your recovery been? Are you doing well? Greetings from Turnaya!

please let me know how you liked it! if you want to ease everyone into the game, you can start as Fauchschule kids (just Basic actions) and then ramp up the complexity slowly, by adding more Callings, then Gear and stuff.

Hey! You can find the "themebooks" in the download section. These are three sheets you can use to run the three iconic forces when playing Michtim. 1) Corporate Greed 2) Merry Festivities and 3) Natural Wonders. 

Do you know games like Dream Askew or other Belonging Outside Belonging games? These use similar sheets that someone takes to take a specific GM role for the other players. Basically your two friends have a situation, and you run that scene for them. Then next up, your character and another player have a scene, and the remaining player runs that scene. 

To run these scenes, you can use the guidelines from the themebooks. They have generative tools on them, and hints for how to handle specific situations in that domain. That's how I run GMless games mostly.

The idea is to use the exploration mechanic to generate things you run into; which then can give you something to work with!

Thank you for reaching out to me on Facebook. My partner saw the message today, sorry for not replying earlier. I don't know why I didn't get notified here. Usually that works better.


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Incidentally you can use this writeup also to play Michtims in the Star Wars games by FFG – it's the same system, after all.

all fine!! hope you're doing fine btw. 💛

Will this be available again at some point? I thought about getting our work in physical form.

More Community Copies were added thanks to generous sponsors! You can sponsor Copies over on my kofi.

thank you so much!

thanks for this update! as a bipolar individual, it really helps a lot! my characters might be bipolar for example, but that doesn't mean they have a permanent condition. drained is a great fit.

thank you so much for your kind words!

Wishing you all the luck with this! Hope you can crash through all of your funding goals!


Find a very concise and sweet summary on TikTok GoblinMixtape on TikTok explains Michtim!

solo play is something I'm working on, but isn't currently well supported. you can try to use the new themebooks to create random events for yourself tho!

This means so much to Alex and me! Thank you so much for reaching out, and I hope you can enjoy Turnaya!

I suck at everything, thanks for helping

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Hope you'll like it! Let us know about your adventures

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do you feel better now? might as well pay Adrian a special fee, because to unpack that "review" , you should probably see a professional counselor. ugh.

I'm so glad you like the game, and your friend could play it! There are a lot of folks sponsoring copies, and I hope that people can enjoy some Heartwarming Hamsterpunk! 💛🐹

Since I'm on a Mac, I have to play the Mobile version. I feel like you're going into the right direction with Accounts/Friends and Servers. 

What took me by surprise was that there was no voice chat. I watched streams online and didn't realize they were using discord. I totally thought that voice chat was the core feature of Emergency Meetings / the voting screen and Lobby. 

Maybe having that option ONE DAY, would be kinda cool. Especially since you could phase out ghosts. 


Ohhhh, thank you! I just discovered your review and your feedback. I'm sorry you had to find errors. I didn't have an editor on the team (well, I was basically doing this all by myself, that's why). And I hope I'm able to correct the issues ASAP. I can't afford Adobe CC at the moment, so I can't work with my original Michtim file; but I'm working on a fresh file created in Affinity Publisher, so I don't depend on Adobe.

Ultimates are just examples. You should create your own. That's why there's not everything available right off the bat. 

Armor works either universally or against one specific type. Weapons also always have a type. You just flatly reduce the damage taken by the armor value. Definitely something to clarify in a 2.0 if I get to make one.

The plan is to make a Revision, and get the digital option out to all previous buyers. I'm not making money that way, but I intend to make my games living games.

I also want to make apparent that you can roll Emotions for any actions that fall under that Emotion's purview. So the given actions are for combat, but you can basically create and repair objects with Joy or Love, and so on.

Thanks for the honest review, and THANKS for noticing that the game engine is *fun* regardless of the setting. I really intended it to be a functionally designed game that's enjoyable. The original plan was to transition to a Video Game, so that's part of my background on many design decisions.

Thanks!! Check out my other stuff. You can gladly take Community Copies!

so there’s no bots or anything; if you trust your players they can track moods in real space. 

roll20 would be better bc there’s an actual character sheet that allows you to roll. we used discord just for voice/video and all game stuff was on roll20.

does that answer help somewhat?

thank you!!

Thank you for this wonderful comment!

Hey Greebles! I dig your work and used some of your cards on the second page of – I credited you, but let me know if you need me to do it differently.


thank you for the heartwarming review!

I hope you find someone to play it with! there’s roll20 character sheets for it too!

thank you so much!!

I’m unbelievably happy and thankful that I found your game in the bundle. I’m also a contributor, and I wanted to let you know that this means a lot to me. Especially in terms of art direction and inclusion. The non-binary bear witch is someone like me haha! But the other characters are fantastic as well. Hey, if you wanna come over to Turnaya and the Immergrummel woods, we’re having a cake with you!

Georg the Hamsterpunk

please add 

I’m going to be expanding this idea as I get new input. Things I’m working on are:

  • Weapon Switching during combat (basically spent Control is deducted from any weapon you switch to)
  • Magical Spells as Weapons
  • Ranged Weapons make -1 Control, but requiring Ammo gives +1 Control
  • Additional Damage Dice cost 2 Control

Tell me what you need to make this work!

thank you!

This would be great!

Excellently crafted from the ground up, Mnemonic delivers an intense experience and does it looking gorgeous.

The best thing about it though, is that you can run Mnemonic in your regular campaigns of other games. Think of it like a minigame that delivers a memorable experience, whenever your party needs to acquire a thing.

Check it out!