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Wow! That game is awesome!

I love the level design and the puzzles. Great work!

Lovely game! I love the graphics, sounds and the gameplay feels very got.

But having no checkpoints was a little bit frustrating.

All in all great work!

Looking very good and makes much fun!

Great work!

Nice game!

One need time to get into the controls but after that its fun!

Nice game!

The gameplay feels very goot! And I love the sound and graphics.

Thank you for playing my game.
For those who find the game to fast you have the possibility to change the difficulty of the game in the main menu. That also will change the game speed.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Yeah I know that you mean.. Later I will try to fix that.

Thank you very much!

Thank you! I will change the speed.

But in the mainmenu there is a Slider which changes the difficulty.  On Easy or very easy the speed is lower. :)

Thx! You can change the speed with the difficulty. On very easy or easy it should be slower.

Thank you!

In the mainmenu there is a Slider which changes the difficulty.  On Easy or very easy the speed is lower. :)

Very nice game! Makes much fun!

Love the graphic and the audio. And the gameplay is very good!

Nice idea! But I missed some audio and music. :(

Nice game and idea! I would recommend that one is able to move while shooting. :9

Nice game! But the sprites are a littble bit spongy.

Looking good and makes fun! Nice work!

Nice work! A cork who is shooting corks is fun! XD

Like it! The art style is very nice. Good work!

Wow thats nice.

The switch from 2.5D to 3D is awesome. And the music is very stunning! Great work!

Nice game! I like the music! Great work!

Woah that game idea is very great. I love the style and the music.

Great work!

Nice game! Makes fun.

Very nice game! The sound and the art sytel is very amazing. Great work!

Nice game idea! I only missed some background music.

Nice game! I had fun.

Great game. The musis and graphics are nice. But I think the camera moving is a little bit rough.

I like the idea very much!

Very nice game!

Nice puzzles and art style. Also the music and sound effects are very nice.

Great work!

Nice game idea!

Best story ever xD

Very nice game! I love the graphic and the sound effects.

The only thing was that I fall directly into lava after went to the next level xD

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Nice game! But I think score 100 takes a bit too long for level up.

Great work!

Nice game! The art style and music is great!

It was fun! 

Nice idea with the randoms holes and the the possibility to kill or not to kill the enemies!

I only think that the enemies shot a bit to fast and the bullets are sometimes hard to see.

All in all nice game!

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Awesome game idea. Implementing the metalblocks was a good choice so it is very challenging and the puzzles are great!

Also I find the graphic very cute and the audio is very nice.

Great Work!

Nice game! Gameplay works very well. The only thing I would change the reverse axis.

Great work.

Nice game. I like the puzzles and the art style. Switching the characters is a ncie idea.

But the portal placement does not work very well for me.

Wow thats nice! I love that there are so many different traps and the game is really challenging.

Great Work!