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Unity programmer looking for team!

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Hey guys! I'm a unity dev, but have been interested in learning Godot for a while now (can you guess why? :p). I figured 2 months is plenty of time to make a game and get familiar with a new engine, so if you need another developer, hit me up! I'm mainly into making 2D games, but anything works. I can dedicate maybe 10-20 hrs a week to this jam.

thanks tilok :P hope to see you play tho!

just want to try out a new engine is all :D and thanks, you too!

im really just looking to work with godot for this one, sorry :D

Hey all, 

I have experience with Unity (about 5 years) and devving multiplayer games in general. I would love to try out Godot tho, even multiplayer! I have covered some basic YT tutorials about it and sorta get the gist, but havent really tried making anything even semi-serious with Godot. I can dedicate 10-20 hrs per week to this jam. You can check my page for game jams ive done in the past. 

Please reply here if you would like another programmer! :)

hi there! i was wondering if this package provides a way to export tilemaps in a given unity scene to a file that can be opened in Tiled? basically Unity2Tiled haha

I have been doing all my mapping in unity, but some team members want to help with the mapping in Tiled. I need to export the work i currently have for them to use.

nice job :) i like the echolocation mechanic

i too did not expect a soccer dungeon crawler, cute game!

This was so much fun to play! I dont really see a duality (other than health/mana management?), but everything else was great, honestly i wanna play more :D

this is such a cool concept! reminds me a lot of Goldeneye for some reason

this game looks and plays incredible!  (aside from the obvious bugs and restarting all over)

this is the aesthetic i love to see

very good take on the theme!

thanks for the feedback! its my first dungeon crawler so i knew the controller might not be up to standard. 

as for difficulty, it is quite difficult but unfortunately cant change that at this moment, but you have health potions and move to dodge to combat that!

the ambience was amazing! lots of penumbra and subnautica vibes. my main issue was the combat, there were no sounds, and i was just staring at the corner skill check the whole time. everything else was great :D

interesting play on the theme and it was nice and short. i didnt fully understand the end it seemed a bit random, but good submission nonetheless!

i liked the item randomization and the ferret item is cute xD

cool card style combat :D i was confused as to what i was doing for a bit. and is there no default attack?

very cool twist on a typical dungeon crawler with the shooting range style combat. got abolsutely rekt on level 2 tho :D

pretty nice looking game :D

one suggestion id make is to make sure you turn the "Run in background" option on because when fullscreening, it pauses the game on the black screen and it confused me lol

it says the game is not uploaded?

cool aesthetics, and i like the dimensional duality. tried 3 times and kept dying so didnt get to finish :D

pretty need little game and funny ending screen :D recognized the assets right away

Just made a gameplay trailer for my game submission! Been busting my butt all week making the game and its been a lot of fun. Excited to submit it tomorrow and play the other submissions!

Hey all! Programmer here. I have some free time this week and would like to join a group in need. DM me on discord: gooby#3894

hi, the dog looks great! however when i import into unity, half of the dog is a different texture lol any idea on how to fix?

im going to wishlist on steam, very generous of you! keep up the good work!

30 mins before deadline bc i had family over :D 

MiniMania community · Created a new topic Status Effects

Bleed - Deals a small amount of damage over time. If the victim moves, damage is tripled.

Fire - Ignites the target dealing damage over time for a while. Stop, drop, and roll (or just move around) to get extinguish the flame.

Ice - Makes you walk 10% more slow. Use or get hit by a fire weapon to thaw out. The friction from movement can also thaw you out. Enemies have a 30% chance not to move at all.

Petrify - Slows the attack and move speed of other players by 5% for each stack. Can stack up to 10 times. Enemies have a 30% chance to be petrified (won't attack, move, or regen this tick). 

Poison - Deals damage over time for a while. Using a potion can dispell this illness.

Shock - Gives entities shockingly bad accuracy (-30%) and spreads to neighboring entities.

Sleep - Puts the target to beddy-bye until they are hit or wake up on their own.

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oh. my. god.

please drop more parts! maybe a pistol constructor next!

pretty decent, keep it up!

a swim animation would be a great addition! :D


have you considered adding a patreon tier where i can just drop money and get ALL the artwork, past and present? or will you consider it in the future when your collection grows much larger?

keep up the good work!

hope you enjoy horror >:D

very cool concept :D

hope you like horror games!

would love to see your reaction to my horror game on stream lol

hoping to can participate if i can get a 3d model of my idea!