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Glory Meat

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I really enjoyed this game! I was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole game. The Gameplay was nice and simple. I really like the whole aesthetic and design of the sub. The only thing I didn't really care for was the ending. But since this was made in only 10 days, It's easily forgivable. I'll give this an 8/10!

I don't really plan on making a Backrooms game

The full version is not going to be free

Discord Link:

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- What is the Terror Collection? -

The Terror Collection is a yearly, small collection of horror games made by indie developers.

- How it works -

Game developers big, and small are tasked to make a short horror game based on a given theme, but you must be quick because you only have 7 DAYS to complete your game. Once the deadline is up, voting will begin! Once voting is finished, the top 5 games will be selected to go on the Terror Collection. 


The Terror Collection #1 -

I'm too dumb to make an actual game for the original hardware, lol!

I'm currently working on an update that will change the ending and add additional content

That's an issue I'm fixing in a new update.

I'm fixing that bug at the moment :D

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Thanks for playing the game! I'm fixing those bugs you're having trouble with, in an upcoming update. I'm also adding a new ending with some more story elements

I'm working on an update that's going to fix all these issues. This game was made very quickly for a  jam. 

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Really fun to play around with! Great stuff :D

Thanks. I'm currently doing an update that will fix those issues.

Thanks for playing


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Thanks for playing! :D

Not yet :)

I'll fix that

Yeah, the ending was rushed, but I'm working on a new ending at the moment. I'm also adding some story elements.


That's an issue I'm fixing right now.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

Fixed it

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For a couple of months now I've been working a demo\concept game called Ollie's Farm, and now I've never been so excited to release it for all to play!

Hope you enjoy it!

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Thanks for playing!

That's true

I'm seeing all of these games that doesn't even fit the theme of jam!?!?  Can we take care of this?

Should this game be removed? Cause I think it's not fair.  This dude keeps posting his god-awful horror game to random game jams. I hate people who do this. 

this is the submission.

Thanks! And yes I'm using gamemaker

I'm wanting to create a simple objective system for my entry, and I don't really know how to go about making one? Does anyone know how to make one?

Truly loved this game! It had a good minimalistic art style with a good story. The story was a little confusing at some parts but overall it was pretty good. Controls were simple and easy. Overall this game is great, and I would recommend for anybody who likes good narrative games.

Thanks for feedback! This game was really made in the last minute. Your right, there is a lot of problems with the game. But since some many people are wanting to see a bigger story, i'm willing to work on this project, and make it something bigger and better.

I just used a shader called "Kino Binary"

Here is the link to the shader

It was pretty easy to create the visual effect! All I did was made the textures unlit, added some fog to give the illusion of light, and finally added a dithering shader called "Kino Binary".

this is the shader I used

Since alot of people have been asking for that. I think I will! :)

Yeah your right. This game was more of an experiment with atmosphere, art style, and creating a sense of dread. But I'm planning to make a full game with this. Expect, I don't really want it to be a horror game. Thx for the feedback

Thanks! I'm actually planning to make this a bigger game! With story, characters, and more!